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We have a wealth of features to help you with your marketing objectives; our tools range from creating engaging, authentic and shareable content to promoting your brand through our platform.

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Wealth of Experience

We've published 7,000+ articles and 100+ videos. We leverage technology to scale our content production and promotion, enabling us to pass our efficiency on in the form of competitive pricing for our clients.

Industry-leading Engagement

Our readers spend more time and consume more content on The Market Mogul than on most other media companies.

Smart & Affluent Audience

The core of our audience is Millennial - the decision makers of today and tomorrow. Our typical reader is 25-34, highly educated, affluent and interested in the world of finance, politics and the global economy.

How we can promote your brand

Market Mogul Site & Apps

Rapidly growing readership for our content on the most important topics of today. Your content will be placed strategically on our site and apps for maximum engagement.

Market Mogul Newsletters

With industry-leading open rates, our newsletters can target your desired audience with both written and video content.

Social Media & Our Partners

We’ll share your content across social media, ensure it ranks highly on Google, as well as distribute it via our partners to obtain maximum reach.

We can also create engaging content for you

We make storytelling simple

Since humans first walked the Earth, they have told stories as a way to shape their existence. Today, stories in the form of written & video content are used by companies to build a connection with their audience. We ensure that your brand is authentically represented through our content.

Written Narratives

We create engaging articles or reports to articulate your brand online. Our team of expert writers will produce the most appealing articles for our audience, with your messages.

Video Narratives

From writing a script to production and promotion, our in-house video team can create content for your brand, focusing on your target demographic.

"My top sources of financial news? The Market Mogul, FT and Bloomberg. The Market Mogul provides insights that you can’t find elsewhere."

Huy Nguyen Trieu, CEO, The Disruptive Group

“Finally – a refreshing and engaging finance platform with on topic content”

Devin Kohli, Digital Media and Tech Head, Investec

"The Market Mogul today is The Economist of tomorrow"

Peter Harrison, Fmr Executive Director, Goldman Sachs

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