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Will Theresa May guarantee rights of EU Citizens already in the UK

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Editor’s Remarks:
The Market Mogul readers overwhelmingly believe that UK Prime Minister Theresa May should guarantee the rights of 3.2 million EU citizens currently residing in the UK. However, a significant percentage believe this will not happen. Firstly, a number of EU nations are not willing to guarantee the same for UK citizens residing in the EU until they are assured of the same for citizens in the UK. This leads to a very dangerous game of chicken. Secondly, it appears this decision could be a bargaining chip used to determine the exact pay-out the UK will make to the EU over the next few years and some years after the exit. The current number headlining discussions is £50bn. Although it is already making headlines, the number appears to be more a threat that even an actual starting negotiating position. Regardless, with statements such as the negotiations should be in French, the negotiations look set to be bloody, brutal and loaded with deception.

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