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Twitter’s UK Social Media Market Share

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Editor’s Remarks:
Twitter announced in February that its user base began declining from its height of 300 million worldwide. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reassured investors that the drop was from the low-quality segment. However, months later, Twitter users have continued to fall, and the company’s share price has plummeted to $16.28 at the close of Friday’s trading. Disney, Alphabet, and Twitter’s last hope – Salesforce – have announced that they will not be making a bid for the company. This is largely a result of Twitter’s failure to define itself as either a distinctly media or technology company, a problem Yahoo also experienced. Further challenged by the new market entrants Instagram in 2010 and Snapchat in 2011, Twitter has lost a significant proportion of its market share in the UK. At the same time, Facebook is continually making changes, while Twitter has made very few. Twitter should focus on growing its consumer base and should look into celebrities to do so. After all, it worked for Snapchat and Instagram.

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