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Is TTIP a Good or Bad Thing?

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Editor’s Remarks:
With President Trump having dealt a severe blow to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal this week, it looks as though his sights are now set on TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). The proposed agreement involves the EU and the US, though it may soon become a party of one – particularly as Ted Malloch, favourite to become the President’s ambassador to the EU, called it a “non-starter” that won’t happen under Trump. Despite the energy EU leaders poured into drawing it up with Obama, almost twice as many Germans as Americans think TTIP is a bad thing for their respective countries according to a 2016 survey. This could be because of how some of the more controversial elements of the deal, which give greater remit for companies to sue national governments over measures like environmental protection policies if they affect business, are received in the more left-leaning German population. There is also a good chance that US voters may respond differently to the survey since Trump made trade deals a major focus of his campaign.

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