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Trump’s Approval Rating Hits New Low

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Editor’s Remarks:
Public opinion of Donald Trump has hit a new low, with just 37% of Americans surveyed approving of the job he’s doing as President. Past presidents have seen worse, though never this soon into their term: Bill Clinton, for example, had sunk to 37% by June, whereas Trump’s rating is the worst of any president in recorded history at this point into their first term. Though President Trump was creeping back to a neutral opinion in the public, the last couple of weeks has seen a major double blow. On the one hand, his bill to replace Obamacare has become mired in party infighting, angering the more conservative Republicans who wish to largely do away with healthcare subsidies and don’t think the legislation does enough to tackle soaring drug prices. On the other, high-level intrigue over Team Trump’s election campaign and the President’s own claims appear to have weakened public trust in him. 55% of Americans are at least somewhat concerned that his campaign had contact with suspected Russian operatives. Only 16% of the public approve of Trump’s tweeting, whilst 50% thought that his claims that Obama ordered wiretaps on his phones were false – and that was before FBI director James Comey poured cold water on the allegations.

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