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US Taxation Reform: Four Trillion Reasons Why

5 min Neil Winward

Moscow’s Relationship with the Southern Hemisphere: The Future

6 min Pascal vander Straeten

North Korea: How the West Should Deal with the Rogue State

Alexander Hamblin    4 min

A US Government Shutdown: What Will This Mean?

Shahvir Magol    7 min
  • Radhika Chawla    9 minute read

    The Russia Saga: What To Make of Donald Trump’s Paranoia

    Untangling the Web
  • Maitanki Sutharson    5 minute read

    Tweeting Trump: His Effect on Financial Markets

    With Great Power...
  • Elya Riberg    4 minute read

    Is the US Headed for Another Afghan Failure?

    Guns Drawn
  • James M. Dorsey    6 minute read

    Trump Draws Geopolitical Battle Lines in South Asia

    On the Offensive
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Share this chart Editor's Rearks: As the Trump Show continues to dominate the news from Washington, our readers overwhelmingly believe that the President obstructed justice by firing James Comey last month. But there is a fast-moving battle going on in DC, with bluffs and counter-bluffs raining in almost daily, and the narrative may have moved on. Trump loves nothing more than controlling a good reality show and his denial of the existence of tapes of his meeting with James Comey seems to have temporarily wrong footed the Washington establishment. For the moment, the focus has shifted to the

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Evidently, our readers have little confidence in President Trump’s ability to rally Muslim-majority nations to join him in the global fight against radical Islamic terrorism. This is unsurprising given the recent White House debacles that began two weeks ago with allegations that Trump had divulged classified information to Russia and culminated in UK intelligence withholding information from US officials following leaks to the American press about the Manchester bombing. If Trump cannot effectively co-ordinate intelligence efforts between his closest all

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: President Trump signed an executive order last week which opens a path for overhauling the fund set up for the resolution process for failing banks. The fund, set up as part of the Dodd-Frank reforms, is in a sense the backbone for the US regulatory regime for shutting down failing banks. We asked our readers what they make of the Trump administration’s plans to reform the Dodd-Frank rules brought in in response to the financial crisis. The least popular view was that no good can come of it - that the mechanisms are essential to make sure any future finan

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: President Trump has signed an executive order for a review of the US’ programme for bringing in skilled foreign workers - namely, the H-1B visa. The order was short on detail, and does not change any current rules. But White House aides said it aims to overhaul the current lottery-based system with a merit-based programme that would restrict the visas to highly skilled workers. 85,000 new H-1B visas are handed out every year, and another 100,000 are extended or reissued, but where do all these new arrivals hail from? As today’s chart shows, the vast maj

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Of all the administrations in American history, Donald Trump’s is thought to top the list when it comes to wealth. The ten richest people in Team Trump command assets worth almost $2.1bn between them - and that’s according to just the lower bounds of the range of estimates given for each official by financial disclosure filings, meaning the real number could be a lot more. President Trump’s wealth dwarfs even their combined assets, though, with an estimated net worth of $3.5bn, as well as that of the second-richest US President after him, John F Kenne

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Public opinion of Donald Trump has hit a new low, with just 37% of Americans surveyed approving of the job he’s doing as President. Past presidents have seen worse, though never this soon into their term: Bill Clinton, for example, had sunk to 37% by June, whereas Trump’s rating is the worst of any president in recorded history at this point into their first term. Though President Trump was creeping back to a neutral opinion in the public, the last couple of weeks has seen a major double blow. On the one hand, his bill to replace Obamacare has become mi

  • James M. Dorsey    5 minute read

    China Contributes to Doubts About Pakistani Crackdown on Militants

    Turning a Blind Eye?
  • Neil Winward    6 minute read

    Trump’s Rhetoric Is Making Diplomacy More Complicated Than It Needs to Be

    Sticks and Stones
  • Nikola Kedhi    5 minute read

    Here Are the Consequences of United States Tax Reform Proposals

    Taxman Cometh
  • Radhika Chawla    9 minute read

    The Trump-Russia Saga Continues

    No Smoke without Fire
  • Nikola Kedhi    5 minute read

    Unfair Media Treatment and Why Trump Deserves Another Chance

  • Francesco Zingoni    5 minute read

    What You Should Know About Donald J. Trump vs. Dodd-Frank

    Reversing the Tide
  • George Mallett    7 minute read

    Mexico: Who is AMLO and Why Does He Matter?

    To the Left
  • Ryan Shea    8 minute read

    We’re Going On A Bear Hunt: Why US Economic Expansion Will Continue

    Bears on the Wrong Pole?

The Paradox of Refinancing Risk in an Improving Credit Environment

Good Credit Pays
Pascal vander Straeten

NAFTA: Trump’s Rhetoric vs. Reality

China Ready to Trump Both the US and Mexico?
George Mallett

Trumping America: India’s Ambition for Electric Automobiles

A Clash of Markets
George Mallett

The Trump Trade: How Politics Fuels Business

Debunking the Growing Myth
Neil Winward 5 min

G7 Summit: Does Trump Stand Alone?

Mounting Tensions
Givi Gigitashvili

Trump and North Korea: Can You Fix Crazy?

New Best Friends?
Neil Winward 7 min

Trump Overseas: the President Returns Home

Back in the USA
Neil Winward 7 min

The Trump FX: Macro Drivers and Forex Strategy Under the Donald

Currency Movers
Jack Rizvi 7 min

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