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Trump Withdraws from Paris Agreement

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Citing the damage that they have inflicted on the American economy, President Trump has pulled out of the Paris accords.#

Editor’s Remarks: Musk turned to Trump’s favourite medium of communication, Twitter, to assure his followers that he has done all he can to advise the president to remain in the Paris agreement. Musk has faced no small amount of criticism for sticking with his role as special advisor to Trump; in fact, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick succumbed to public pressure and resigned the post earlier in the year. However, it seems that Musk is finally at the end of his tether. In a narrow sense, this is a win-win situation for Musk: because Trump pulled out of the agreement, he has a pretext to end their relationship and recover the faith he lost from his fans, but if he hadn’t, Musk will have undoubtedly been applauded for persuading the president to reconsider. In a wider sense, however, Trump’s binning the Paris accords will be a loss for the world and the US will now join the only two other countries that have not signed them – Nicaragua and Syria.

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