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Trump vs Obama: The Blame Game

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President accuses Obama of failing to take stronger action on early information regarding Russian election meddling.#

Editor’s Remarks: In a tweet that is sure to confuse the Washington establishment even further, Donald Trump has reacted angrily to news that Barack Obama knew of Russian election meddling as early as August 2016. Obama is said to have received CIA classified information about Russia’s US election disruption campaign, and President Putin’s direct involvement, but was reluctant to publicise it until October so as not to be seen to be influencing the election, and out of possible complacency that Hilary Clinton would win it anyway. In a twist of logic that Trump excels at, he has questioned why the Obama administration did not act on this information, suggesting that they were worried about harming Clinton’s campaign, and saying that the focus of investigations should be on Obama and not himself.

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