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How Technology Is Transforming the Travel Industry

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More and more people are travelling. Gone are the days when travel was considered a luxury. It is more of a necessity these days. According to the World Tourism Organization, by 2030, more than 2 billion international trips will take place every year. That is a whopping figure. One of the main reasons behind this global acceptance of travel is technology. Technology has revolutionised the entire travel industry and business travel is no exception.

Technology and The Travel Industry

It is well known that technology has affected individuals, business and travelling to a large extent. It has brought efficiency, automation, customer intelligence and more business opportunities for everyone that has resulted in faster development of the travel industry. Corporate travel management has also become easier with technology tools. This along with the availability of various travel packages are playing a vital role in the advancement of the travel industry and are coming up with the right kind of traveller experience based on specific customer needs.

Connectivity to the internet has made a more seamless business travel experience. Now, every travel destination and mode of transport, whether railway station or airport, train or aeroplane, is been backed up by free Wi-Fi that can be accessed even when you are at a distance of 35,000 feet or more. There are also so many more business applications and advantages for the travel industry that have come about because of widespread connectivity. Businesses and business people can easily book all their flights directly on smartphones. Travel itineraries are becoming easier to manage, and there is less waste of time when it comes to travelling, from shorter check-in times to people being able to work in airport lounges. Digital interaction has specifically proved advantageous to those business travellers who have to board connecting flights one after the other.

All the information such as gate changes, delay of flights or cancellations can now be managed easily through digital media during the journey. Not only this, one can also plan and manage their work while travelling. It can be said that digital interaction has given a smart move to the business travellers all round their journey.

Technology Is Making Travel More Convenient

Losing a boarding pass or train ticket used to be much more disruptive, but now it is merely an annoyance. With advancements in technology, all such things have become secure. Now with the help of various travel applications, one can book tickets and can get the boarding passes on mobile phones.

With technology, there is also the option of quicker boarding of flights, online flight check-ins, online booking of cabs and food with various options to select from. Travellers just have to get a smartphone and the related application to make their travelling easy. It would not be wrong to conclude that the omnichannel strategy has proved to be advantageous for the travellers.

Needless to say, technology has also brought about a change in the way people pack. People have limited space and weight while travelling and they need to bring everything necessary in order to save money during the journey. With technology, a lot more has been squeezed into a single gadget. Again, with the availability of so many applications, everyone can manage their work, listen to music, watch movies and do a lot more. Readers do not have to lug around cumbersome volumes anymore; there are many e-books available which save space. People’s data is a lot more accessible as well, with the ubiquitous nature of cloud computing and fast and small storage devices.

Destroying Language Barriers

Language is one of the barriers that has stopped many from enjoying travel to its fullest potential. With so many nations and languages, it is can often be difficult to find a common tongue between traveller and native to communicate in. But now with so many services, such as Google Translate, it has become relatively easy to communicate with airlines or railway employees. With the rise of virtual reality devices, it has become possible to visit a place virtually and take in all the sights and attractions without stepping onto an aeroplane.

Today’s world is more connected than ever before and technology has enabled more people to connect even with each other to a much larger extent. Leveraging tech platforms can streamline work travel plans, reduce costs, time and resource engagements and research the best alternatives for accommodation, food, meetings and local travel support. With a plethora of informative travel portals and hybrid mobile apps for travel, time scheduling and hotel bookings, it is much easier than before for corporations and individuals to make well-informed choices on executive travel packages.

More Personalised and Unique Experiences

Technology has made modernised travelling, especially for those people who are always in search of custom and unique services, and can afford it. Travel has always been open to those who love adventure, and it is becoming much easier for people to research new experiences. With the availability of blogs on almost every topic on the internet, chat spaces and various applications, one can easily make their trip personalised and adventurous.

Technology has already changed the face of travel. It will continue to do so, with the acceptance of cashless solutions and the application of blockchain, it will continue to change how people experience and see the world in the coming decades.

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