October 14, 2016

How Snapchat’s IPO Would Stack Up

   October 14, 2016

How Snapchat’s IPO Would Stack Up


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Editor’s Remarks:

With 150 million users a day and valued at $17.8 billion, Snapchat has an extraordinary global market share. It is one of the most successful tech startups the world has ever seen. However, last week reports revealed that the parent company Snap Inc. has plans to IPO in March 2017, with an estimated value of $25 billion. This makes Snapchat giant the world’s largest stock market debut of any tech company after Alibaba. It is bigger than Google’s, and this early announcement could provide enough hype to up the valuation further. An IPO should put more pressure on Snapchat to develop and enhance its product strategy, and its recent move into hardware with Snapglasses might satisfy that. But this may not entirely good news for the social media giant. The aftermath of Twitter’s IPO was largely unsuccessful as it failed to define whether it was a technology or media company. Snapchat needs to prove to potential investors that it has a clear product and growth strategy, with a focus on either hardware or social media or media rather than all three, or its creators may face the same tough journey as Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey.

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