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The Performance Of Top US Indices In A Few Years

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Editor’s Remarks:

As it can be seen, since the 2008/09 financial crisis the S&P500 and the DowJones index have more than doubled whilst the technology index Nasdaq is nearly up 240%. Despite the short-term fluctuations caused by market disruptions, this historical performance shows that investing in Equities would have been very profitable. It proves that investing in companies with a proven track record, solid management and disruptive business model is the best way to grow capital and protect it from the negative impact of inflation over the long term. One must however, acknowledge that large-scale quantitative easing from central banks across the world have also impacted the performance. The strong index performance could be a major factor why private investors are opting for low-cost index trackers rather than using active fund managers. The question is how does one decide where to invest going forward?

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