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Elon Musk’s Flamethrowers Sell Out in Five Days

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Flamethrowers sold by Elon Musk’s Boring Company have now completely sold out as of Thursday morning.

The company had received 20,000 pre-orders at $500 each, with 15,000 sold on Wednesday and the remaining 5,000 claimed early on Thursday; the company has now secured $10m in committed funds.

The flamethrowers, which only went on sale on Saturday the 27th of January, will all come with a branded “complimentary fire extinguisher” that had originally retailed as a $30 add-on.

Founded in late 2016, the Boring company has already had success in selling 50,000 branded hats to fans in January. The money raised will go towards funding various company projects.

The Boring company is Musk’s new tunnel digging venture. Founded in 2016, Musk had cited traffic and infrastructural issues with major cities, and in particular Los Angeles, as inspiration.

The Boring Company will be instrumental in Musk’s other venture for the construction of hyper tunnels for city centre-to-centre commuting. Musk’s idea is to move away from the “two-dimensional” traffic planning and create an underground tunnel network, with the purpose of the Boring Company to increase tunnelling speed so as to make it a financially viable project.

The hyper tunnel is a proposal to have transport pods that run in a vacuum, “vactrains”, which would be cost efficient and faster because of the complete lack of air resistance. Musk has plans for a New York to Washington D.C. hyper tunnel which he claims will make city-to-city journey time half an hour.

A Los Angeles to San Francisco hyper tunnel as well as a Texas one are also reportedly in the pipeline.

In October 2017, the Boring Company received a utility permit from the State of Maryland’s Department for Transportation for the construction of a 35 mile Baltimore-Washington D.C. tunnel.

The Ions Production Company, based in Arizona, has also released its own version of the flamethrower, the XM42-M, which is currently retailing at $899.

Photo Credit: JD Lasic

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