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Index Of Economic Globalisation

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Editor’s Remarks:
It is no surprise that the top countries exposed to economic globalisation are Singapore, Ireland and the Netherlands. These countries have very low corporate tax and thus have been home to the headquarters of many big businesses. It is increasingly clear that revenue generated in other nations, e.g. America or Britain is being redirected to these nations, and therefore there are many people who do not receive the gains of globalisation. It is for this reason that Theresa May is currently pursuing hard-line Brexit policy negotiations and Donald Trump has remained alarmingly close to Hillary Clinton in the polls running up to the US Presidential election. Those who have lost in the face of globalisation have finally found a voice in which they can resonate. At the other end of the spectrum, Morocco and Colombia are surprising entrants. Morocco has a large tourist economy that has remained remarkably unscathed to the forces of globalisation. Despite its somewhat impressive economic performance comparative to the other Latin American countries, Colombia has been engrossed in its civil war. The risks and uncertainty have possibly deterred investors and globalisation mechanisms. Business confidence could take a huge hit in the upcoming months, as increasingly populist governments turn global trade into excessive tariffs.

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