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GDP Growth Forecast For Eurozone Countries In 2017

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Editor’s Remarks:
Last year saw significant turmoil in the European Union, with political and social issues having a direct effect on the economy, and 2017 might prove to be just as bumpy. The bloc is estimated to grow by a modest 1.6% this year. Should the right wing movement that has been sweeping victories around the world continue its winning streak, it could bring back the prospects of the eurozone and the EU breaking up. The EU is already in a fragile state following the Brexit vote, and 2017 is expected to bring a further eurosceptic push. The largest EU economy, Germany, is predicted to advance by 1.43%, while France too is set to grow modestly, by 1.35%. Italy will not even make it over the 1% threshold, with an estimated 0.94% growth rate. Both Germany and France will see a difficult year, as their upcoming general and presidential elections could generate more problems and uncertainty. With the UK starting its departure from the EU in 2017, the top EU nations will be responsible for carrying the union through the negotiations and the inevitable turmoil that that will bring, together with the upcoming national elections, potential terrorism threats, the migrant crisis and any other unexpected surprises.

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