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Europe’s 10 Fastest-growing Companies

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Editor’s Remarks:
New research taking a comprehensive look at Europe’s top companies has thrown up a decisive list of the continent’s 1000 fastest growing firms, with the top 10 listed in today’s chart. The British and German domination of the top 10 is largely representative of rest of the list, of which just under 23.5% are from the UK and 23.6% from Germany. The next biggest breeding grounds for star startups were Italy (18.6%) and France (13.9%). One Polish company breaks the trend: Krakow-based Codewise has seen a dazzling compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 400% in the three years for which data was provided thanks to its high-tech marketing tools focusing on website traffic analytics. Top of the list was Germany’s HelloFresh, whose meal boxes have taken advantage of the modern healthy eating craze across several European countries. Trendy food startups appear to have be popular on both sides of the English Channel, with Propercorn seeing rapid growth from its high-markup gourmet popcorn business. However, tech overwhelmingly dominates the higher end of the list: Green IT Das Systemhaus, Brainlabs and Black Swan Data, to name a few, have all made a success of providing high-tech solutions to other areas of business. There are few instances of more traditional companies with rapid growth – one example, though, is French C-suite consultany Theano Advisors – suggesting that the startup world is very much fuelled by all things digital.

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