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Elon Musk Sheds Light on Boring Company Rides

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In a speech given to an LA audience on Thursday, Elon Musk outlined his vision for how the Boring Company will transform the city’s transportation system.

Musk, who was joined onstage by Boring Company Steve Davis and the company’s official mascot Gary the snail, said that he hopes to send commuters to LAX from anywhere in downtown LA in under eight minutes for a price of just $1. The Loop, as the company’s first tunnel is called, will be comprised of electric pods that can carry as many as 16 people.

A lot of the talk emphasised why flying cars – another popular Silicon Valley dream – were not an effective solution to urban America’s “soul-destroying” traffic problem. Tunnels, he argued, were “less nerve-racking” and less disruptive to existing transport systems.

Both Musk and Davis also acknowledged that the main problem facing the Boring Company was the terribly slow speeds at which boring machines work – roughly a third of the space of a snail. The pair said that until these machines are substantially sped up, the economic case for tunnelling will be harder to argue.

The Boring Company has raised seed funding and substantial PR through selling branded hats and flamethrowers, and Musk hinted at possibly selling a new product: bricks. The Boring Company is contemplating applying massive amounts of pressure to the loose earth that it digs up in order to make an alternative to cinder blocks.

A recent Boring Company SEC filing shows that the Boring Company has so far raised nearly $113m from investors. The company is currently building a 2.7m test tunnel, which Musk suggested might eventually be opened to the public.

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