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China Heading Up Move Towards Electric Cars

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Electric Car Sales

More electric cars were sold in China than anywhere else in the world. According to data published by the world’s car associations, 579,000 plug-in electric passenger cars were sold in China in 2017. Nearly 400,000 more than were sold in the USA, and nearly 1,200% more than were sold in the United Kingdom.

However as a proportion of total car sales from last year, the Scandinavian Kingdom of Norway, with a total population of just over 5m people, had the highest percentage of electric car sales last year, at 36.7%. Working out at over a third of all car sales, this was far higher than the percentage sold in China where sales made up just 2.3% of the total number of cars sold last year. With a population just shy of 1.4bn, the fact that just under 98% of all car sold last year ran on fossil fuels is a worrying prospect.

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