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Bernie 2020: Will Sanders Run Again?

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With the news that chat-show host Oprah Winfrey is “not interested” in running for President, speculation is mounting that the firebrand Senator for the State of Vermont, Bernie Sanders, may be considering another run at the Oval Office in 2020.

According to reports by Politico, half a dozen senior Democrats have said Sanders held a meeting with his top political advisors last Saturday to discuss the feasibility and shape of a potential 2020 campaign. Although details of the meeting are hazy, Sanders reportedly said he believed beating Trump was the single most important issue facing the country

The Senator, aged 76, has refused to rule out a potential run but if the reports are true then initial signs of preparation suggest the move is under serious consideration.

Despite being defeated in the Democrat primary, Sanders has seen an increasing surge in his support and in September 2017 was named the most popular politician in America, with an approval rating of 54%. Like Trump, Sanders has a strong presence on social media; his Twitter account currently has 7.34m followers

On Tuesday, Sanders held a live-streamed town hall address where he promoted his single-payer healthcare or “Medicare for All”. According to his communications director, Josh Miller-Lewis, the video attracted 1.1m viewers, a larger audience than most prime-time shows on cable television.

Although he has a close affiliation with some in the Democrat Party, Sanders has always run as an independent. Sanders’ election in 1990 was the first time an independent was elected since the 1950s.

His status as a politician outside the bi-partisan system is often attributed as the main reason for his recent success. In March 2017, Sanders started a series of podcasts. Called the “Bernie Sanders Show”, the podcasts are described on his website as a way “to stay informed on the political revolution.”

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