Latest Articles On Africa

Trump and African Economic Development: Unwelcome Curse or Latent Chance?

5 min Pascal Dick

Europe’s Containment Strategy Toward Africa Won’t Stop Migration

5 min Rara Reines

The Current State of UK Politics: A Second Brexit Referendum?

Snezana Sokolovska    6 min

Here’s How Mining Firms Are Playing with Fire in the DRC

Elisabeth Wiebusch    5 min
  • Elisabeth Wiebusch    6 minute read

    Making Famine Relief a Private Sector Enterprise

    Paying It Forward
  • Charlie Richards    7 minute read

    An ‘Outward-Looking Out’: How Brexit Can Be Used to Help the World’s Poor

    Open Arms
  • Martin Walker    4 minute read

    Bitcoin, the Zimbabwe Dollar, and Reasonably Priced Pizza

    Stability is King
  • James M. Dorsey    6 minute read

    Egypt Football Ban Lifted: Fans to Attend International Soccer Matches

    Own Goal?

Is Nigeria’s $300m Diaspora Bond a Worthwhile Investment?

Count on the Expats
Arun Sohan-Pall 4 min

Hear the Drums Echoing Tonight? The Relentless March of Online Money Transfers in Africa

A Continent Disrupted
Jens Ischebeck 8 min

Charts On Africa

  • Christian Hirsekorn    7 minute read

    What Is the Outlook for South Africa’s Economy?

    A Poor State of Affairs
  • Chris van der Merwe    7 minute read

    South Africa: What Is Holding Back Its Future?

    Untapped Potential
  • Morgan Franklin    6 minute read

    Ethical Consumption Is a Growing Market for Africa

    Changing Consumer Habits
  • Rara Reines    4 minute read

    A Global Germany and the New Scramble for Africa

    The Marshall Plan
  • Robert Bociaga    3 minute read

    African Demographics: The Challenges Ahead

    Population Boom
  • Elisabeth Wiebusch    6 minute read

    African Energy: Getting the Right Combination

    Power the Future
  • Abbey Ikudaisi    4 minute read

    The New Silk Road: Can China End US Hegemony?

    Growing Ambitions
  • James Lambert    5 minute read

    African Tech Start-Ups and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    A New Dawn

Blockchain: A Revolutionary Catalyst for Financial Inclusiveness

Breaking Down Barriers
Gwyneth Rose 5 min

What’s in Store for the African Startup Scene?

Venture to Africa
Abbey Ikudaisi

The Pearl of Africa: Dissecting Uganda’s Natural Resources

Living Up to Its Name?
Arjun Krishna 8 min

The End of PINs in South Africa: Enter Biometric Cards

Tackling Card Fraud
Calvin Ebun-Amu

Formalisation and the Lack of Capital Markets in Developing Countries

Lost Potential
Janna Kiseeva 9 min

Unorganised Urbanisation and Emerging Diseases in the World’s Urban Populations

Risking it for the City
Yuqing Ma 8 min

The Tobacco Industry: A Tale of Two Worlds

Behind the Smokescreen
Ana Paula Picasso

Zanzibar’s Groundbreaking Universal Pension Scheme

Protecting Africa
Rara Reines 5 min

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