August 12, 2017

Should the UK Pay a Fee to Leave the EU?

MOST READ THIS WEEK    August 12, 2017

Should the UK Pay a Fee to Leave the EU?

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Editor’s Remarks:
As we move into the autumn, the Brexit debate will become heated as UK and European politicians start to discuss detailed arrangements for the UK’s departure from the EU. The Brexit “bill”, or the amount that the UK needs to pay to the EU to meet its financial obligations, has been a contentious issue from the start. Hard-line pro-Brexit supporters have argued that legally, there is no need to pay anything. But, if the UK wants to have some sort of transition deal and free trade agreement with the EU, then there will surely be a bill to pay. 58% of our readers agree that the UK will need to pay a Brexit Bill, but that leaves a significant 42% who think the UK should take a harder line in its EU negotiations. An amount of £37bn has been floated, or leaked, to the press in recent weeks, and we are sure to hear much more about the size of the bill going into September.

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