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Editor's Remarks An investigation conducted by Balkans Insight recently revealed the Eastern European region has been exporting over €1.2 billion worth of arms to the Middle East over the last 4 years. €829 million is being imported by Saudi Arabia, which is disturbing, as the oil exporting Kingdom is known to ship weapons to Syria and the Yemen. According to images on social media, arms were received by groups that have been the focus of accusations of severe human rights violations, including Assad's forces, al-Qaeda and IS, all of whom the West are fighting. The exportation of arms to coun

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Editor's remarks: Last month it was revealed that Wells Fargo employees had created two million fake accounts to meet and surpass sales targets. The initial cost was its tumbling share price coupled with a $185m settlement. However, the San Francisco bank has since released earnings to give deeper insight into the real impact on its business. Wells Fargo has hired Pricewaterhouse Coopers to conduct analysis on the overall damage. It was announced that bank visits, account openings and applications were down, as mortgages referrals from retail banking fell by 24% in September from August. To win back c

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Editor's Remarks: The early rise in startup funding deals has begun to decline amidst concerns that India is on the precipice of experiencing its first investment bubble. The downturn has claimed some noteworthy victims, such as PepperTap, a grocery delivery app financed by Sequoia Capital, and Indian unicorn Zomato. PepperTap has shut down delivery operations and moved into the logistics market, while Zomato has laid off 300 of its staff. Perhaps this industry crash is a much-needed wake-up call, as money has been funnelled into these technology startups without much thought. Indian entreprene

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Editor's Remarks: Twitter not only has a declining user base but, more critically, it has failed to secure potential buyers in the form of Alphabet, Salesforce, and Disney. All options are now off the table, with potential buyers citing a number of reasons. Twitter has never turned a profit and therefore The Market Mogul readers are correct in indicating that Twitter's inability to monetise is its biggest concern. This is a consequence, however, of Twitter's inaccessibility to its users, and therefore its principal failure is its inability to innovate. To survive in a market that is currently

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Editor's Remarks: Many of the world's current billionaires have made their fortunes from nothing. This is evidently the case in the US and the UK, where most wealthy individuals have made their money without familial assistance, highlighting the often forgotten successes of globalisation. Russia appears to have the most social mobility at first glance, but this can be attributed to the fact that many of these individuals made their wealth during the collapse of communism, and via significant gains in the oil industry. Only 1.3% have acquired their riches from inheritance. However, in c

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Editor's Remarks: It is clear that The Market Mogul audience believe Clinton will win the final debate happening this evening in the US. Trump has claimed heavily that the elections are rigged, but as of yet he has not been able to provide any substantive proof. Critics believe that this is his new strategy to deflect attention away from the video of his "locker room talk" and the allegations of sexual harassment and assault by nine women. Over the weekend, Trump claimed that US democracy was an "illusion" stating that people should watch out for illegal voter intimidation. This comes aft

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Editor's Remarks: Twitter announced in February that its user base began declining from its height of 300 million worldwide. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reassured investors that the drop was from the low-quality segment. However, months later, Twitter users have continued to fall, and the company's share price has plummeted to $16.28 at the close of Friday's trading. Disney, Alphabet, and Twitter's last hope - Salesforce - have announced that they will not be making a bid for the company. This is largely a result of Twitter's failure to define itself as either a distinctly media or technology compa

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Editor's remarks: Export Prices correspond to the rate of change in the price of goods and services sold to foreign buyers and are therefore intrinsically linked to exchange rates. The pound has fallen sharply and erratically since the Brexit vote, as worries persist that leaving the single market could cost the UK £66bn in tax revenues. This has reduced the relative cost of British exports, making them more attractive to foreign buyers. The problem with this is that Britain imports far more than it exports with a current account deficit of £18bn in August 2016. If the pound continues to devalue, wh

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  Editor's Remarks: OPEC announced a deal to cap production from 33.2m to 32.5m barrels a day at the end of September. This caused oil prices to rise above $53, their highest point this year. However, there has been a debate about how effective the deal will be and how long it is expected to last. It was announced on 12th October that the deal would last six months during the winter season, which, regardless of any deal, will expect a natural fall in production. The brevity of the deal should limit its ability to reduce global supply, especially if US shale producers can consolidate their ope

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Editor's Remarks: With 150 million users a day and valued at $17.8 billion, Snapchat has an extraordinary global market share. It is one of the most successful tech startups the world has ever seen. However, last week reports revealed that the parent company Snap Inc. has plans to IPO in March 2017, with an estimated value of $25 billion. This makes Snapchat giant the world's largest stock market debut of any tech company after Alibaba. It is bigger than Google's, and this early announcement could provide enough hype to up the valuation further. An IPO should put more pressure on Snapchat to deve

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