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Editor's remarks: Japanese CPI numbers are expected this Thursday but the values will be nowhere near where PM Shinzo Abe will want them. The Bank of Japan (BOJ) is targeting 2% but values are expected remain around -0.4 to -0.5%. The one silver lining is that the number has not dived deeper into negative territory. Abe's recently announced $45bn package is currently being supported by BOJ easing and low-interest rates. There are reports of an over $30bn budget being prepared for next month to support Abe's plan. However, the truth remains that Japanese trade is falling and Chinese growth expected to

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Editor's Remarks: Those suffering or acquainted with someone suffering from strong allergies have definitely heard of or own an EpiPen. The device essentially administers a shot of epinephrine which helps in case of anaphylaxis, buying more time before a person has to go to the emergency room. The autoinjector delivers epinephrine worth about $1, but the cost of the device has skyrocketed in recent years, with the price hiking 400%, persons signing petitions asking for help and some using home made solutions. Pharmaceuticals are developing a poor reputation for placing profits ahead of human inte

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Editor's remarks: New US Homes are on the rise. Earlier this year, US homes hit a 8 and a half year high and is not expected to deviate from that trajectory. Although it is a long way to go until numbers match that of 2005 and 2006, the debt that accompanies buying a new home will raise eyebrows. The market is already under pressure regarding mortgages for malls and big retailers. However, in comparison to the numbers reached a decade ago, the level of debt should be much more manageable and should ease concerns of another crisis. The sale of new homes and at higher prices will be exactly what t

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Editor's Remarks: As it can be seen, since the 2008/09 financial crisis the S&P500 and the DowJones index have more than doubled whilst the technology index Nasdaq is nearly up 240%. Despite the short-term fluctuations caused by market disruptions, this historical performance shows that investing in Equities would have been very profitable. It proves that investing in companies with a proven track record, solid management and disruptive business model is the best way to grow capital and protect it from the negative impact of inflation over the long term. One must however, acknowledge th

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Editor's remarks: For many years the Chinese government was accused of artificially lowering its currency and therefore allowed it to appreciate against the US dollar. However, last year, with the slowdown in its economy becoming more apparent, the government made a devaluation adjustment to the currency that severely impacted global economies. Over the course of 2016, the currency has continued to devalue versus the US dollar and the government has been more open about its policies, but there is still lingering uncertainties over exchange rates. Another major issue is the enormous debt that has

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Editor's remarks: Much was made last weekend, when the Premier League started, of how much companies like Sky and BT invested in its success. Today, the world's most expensive player will probably play for his new club, in the Premier League. Although it is questionable Paul Pogba is worth his fee in terms of his talents now or in the future, many on the business side of sport were impressed by the massive social media campaign Manchester United embarked upon with the announcement. From a rap video created with the help of sponsors and a catchy hashtag, the marketing value of Pogba's persona is

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Editor's remarks: It is no secret that Walmart has taken advantage of its impressive acreage for renewable energy purposes. The importance of that real estate is growing with Macy's turning to it to as a last-ditch source of income and solar companies seeing growth in numbers reported this week. Walmart itself is adjusting to the rising cost of labour and change in consumer shopping by recognising its own weak online presence and acquired's impressive growth over only two years suggests this move is a smart one. With vast real estate, having energy sources that will get cheaper a

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Editor's remarks: Overall, the Edelman Trust Barometer of 28 countries show people seem to be trusting their industries a bit more than they did in 2012. Looking a bit more closely, financial services is barely above 50% level of trust while Technology suffered a 2% drop but still tops the list by an amazing 10%. A logical conclusion is that all the industries, especially financial services, could benefit from taking on the appearance of being more technologically inclined. Another key takeaway of the Edelman data was the difference noted between those who are informed and the general public, in

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Editor's remarks: The last reported numbers of UK unemployment hailed an 11-year low of 4.9%. Now, with the fear of Brexit, the unemployment rate is expected to rise back above 5% this week. 5% is the magic number which the Bank of England considers there enough pressure to really force wages up. However, along with an expected rise in inflation (released today) and the sterling still falling, young graduates are probably not looking forward to the coming hiring season. On one side, looking for a job or internship will be difficult with companies unsure of what the Brexit conditions will be like

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Editor's remarks: Up until 2014, Thailand was accustomed to wild swings in GDP growth rate but has recently seen stable growth. The previous quarter saw Thailand beat market expectations supported mainly by domestic consumption. However, the country eventually will need political stability to foster investment and increased growth. The aim of the referendum on August 7th was for this purpose. The country is divided between Thaksin Shinawatra, former owner of Manchester City and his Pheu Thai Party, and the opposing Royalist and military establishments. Neither side however will want Thailand, wh

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