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Editor's Remarks: Last week was one of the toughest week's Angela Merkel has ever faced. It began with important elections in Berlin and her party losing serious support to the Alternative for Germany, an anti-immigrant party. Therefore it was no surprise that Merkel declared she wished she could "turn back time", an admission of the issue but by no means an admission of failure. Merkel still stands by her stance of changing the EU's Dublin regulation where the first entry point of a refugee is where it must apply for asylum, despite many other EU leaders being against it. Merkel is hoping this

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Editor's Remarks: Shutterfly saw the value of its shares tumble late Wednesday afternoon by 11.17%. The Nasdaq-listed e-commerce company based in California is a popular site for printing photos and creating personalised gifts. Shutterfly’s worst single trading day decline was triggered by Amazon Inc. launching their new printing service “Amazon Prints”. Amazon Prints significantly undercuts Shutterly’s photo prices, and with analysts estimating that Amazon Prime has between 45 and 63 million subscribers in the US alone, the market has evidently taken note. Amazon’s announcement is no

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Editor's remarks: Tech innovation, especially the behemoths of today, usually has been driven by the San Francisco Sillicon Valley, but FinTech has been shared across the ocean with China and London providing two other key locations for its development. China has seen peer-to-peer lending develop in what was before this year an unregulated environment and thus allowed for massive growth, although uncontrolled. On the other hand, London's growth has been a stronger middle ground with welcoming regulatory conditions that its current mayor is eager to maintain. Also, part of this growth can be at

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Editor's remarks: Today will see two major banks make decisions: first the Bank of Japan and then the US Federal Reserve. The Bank of Japan earlier today decided not to change its -0.1% interest rate but declared a shift to its policy, from asset buying to controlling interest rates. The world is now anticipating the Fed's decision later today. The majority of experts, including The Market Mogul readers, believe that rates will be held but still markets have not moved much this week just in case. Most likely, stocks will jump after the Fed decides to hold rates steady, which might shed some clarity ov

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Editor's remarks: The credit to GDP gap is the difference between the credit to GDP ratio and the long-term trend of the economy. The Bank of International Settlements recently released data for the first quarter of this year, and the gap for China is worrying. The data is frequently used as an early indicator of a financial crisis and anything over 10% usually means trouble. China this year has hit around 30%. The trend has received surprisingly little attention from investors as they continue to encourage investment in infrastructure from the nation. However, it must be recognised that few nations h

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Editor's Remarks: Following a period of prolonged shortages in crop yields in Brazil, sugar prices have reached a four-year high. In addition, the commodities largest producers, Brazil and Thailand, are taking their dispute over sugar quotas to the WTO, which may require floating sugar prices. Despite the fact that production is expected to fall 25.5 million tonnes, the USDA has predicted that consumption is set to rise by 27.2 million tonnes in India and China. Sugar companies could stand to make huge profits, as prices are unlikely to come down in the next 12 months. Rain has affected o

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Over a third of a trillion dollars has been taken out of actively-managed funds in just the US alone over the past year. At the same time, an even larger amount has gone to passively-managed funds. One of the biggest concerns previously was the high prices of these funds as well as their recent poor performances. However, it was assumed that the long-term performance of some outweighed their short-term performance. Now, passive funds are appearing to do better in every category. This could play into the hands of robo-advisors as they can focus on passive fund management, something that inherently la

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Editor's remarks: Despite Tesla suffering an autopilot crash, the mysterious nature of self-driving cars has not diluted the awe behind the firm. Delta did suffer losses for its technical glitch but due to low ticket prices this year and consumers mostly choosing flights based on availability, it should not suffer for too long. However, Volkswagen and Samsung have both had a terrible 2016 for different reasons. Volkswagen makes continuous headlines for facing legal battle after battle, amounting to billions in fines and claims, including BlackRock joining the crowd this week. Volkswagen, and o

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Editor's Remarks: Over the years, US venture capital financing has resulted in unicorns ranging from Intel, Google and Twitter. VC investment is heavily concentrated across a small number of industrial sectors. In fact, America’s top five industries receiving VC capital account for 76.3 percent of all VC investment nationwide, some $25 billion. Venture Capital has however been criticised of late for not delivering the superior returns investors would have anticipated, with Andreessen Horowitz, one of the leading VCs on the planet falling behind the likes of its competitors including Sequoia. As rates

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Editor's remarks: Wells Fargo is heading back down to the lows of earlier this year after it suffered yet another scandal. The price fall means that not only Wells Fargo is second to JP Morgan but it also highlights how misplacing trust in the post-2008 era is bigger than just the fine it gets slapped with. Wells Fargo has the benefit of being Warren Buffet's big banking bet with Berkshire applying for the right to buy more than 10% of the bank. However, in the new financial world where regulators have immense power, the less than $200m fine Wells Fargo has received for faking 2 million accounts

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