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Editor's Remarks: Today, the US will announce its Real GDP growth rate for the past quarter along with several other major nations this week. An expected rise from 1.1% to around 2.6% is expected similar to last summer from a rise in retail sales give growth a boost. Although businesses have seen a poor 2016, the mood should be buoyed from the combination of rising US GDP growth rate and the recent burst of acquisition deals announced this week. The EU and the UK are expecting slower growth later this week which is not surprising post-Brexit. American's seem to be handling the political u

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Editor's Remarks: After Baijiu, the Chinese grain-based spirit which includes Moutai, Yanghe, and more, whisky brands appear the next most valuable. National Scotch Day is being celebrated in America, the home of Bourbon, Scotch's sweeter tasting sister. What helps is the variety of flavours and styles, which can appease a range of tastes. Mostly, brands benefit from the notion that whisky is considered a more refined spirit with almost 20% of US households earning over $100,000pa having at least one glass a week. Overall, spirits brands are diversifying their products to allow for more flavours

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Editor's Remarks: The political landscape for the US presidential election will be complete by the end of this week when Hillary Clinton accepts her nomination. Donald Trump selected Mike Pence as his running mate, a choice that cements his hardline right-wing stance. Mike Pence is recognised as being one of the most right-wing selections ever. Hillary Clinton, however, seemed to have taken another step to alienate the followers of Bernie Sanders through selecting Tim Kaine. He is considered centrist and his fluency in Spanish could be an asset when considering 40 million Americans speak it. Hill

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Editor’s Remarks: Despite Middle East boasting the largest growth in passengers last year, the likes of Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways will need to look elsewhere to maintain their top market share of international air passengers at 14.2%. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts that significant growth will come from the Far East and Africa. North American airlines benefit poor railways across the Americas and low oil prices but, with more tourists choosing to travel closer to home, will need to determine whether to expand into these markets or focus on com

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Editor's Remarks: App-mania, starting in 2008, has shown signs of slowing down and the market maturing. Nomura research showed in May of this year that app downloads declined by more than 20% compared to last year. Even as far back as 2014, 65% of US smartphone users downloaded 0 apps per month. Companies such as Flipkart have reversed their previous tune of focusing solely on apps and titans such as Google use apps to augment their bigger web tools. With the decline in VC-backed start-up deals, are we seeing a major shift in consumer interests? Perhaps the next question is how many new a

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Editor's Remarks: Besides Boards showing their difficulty in keeping up with innovation by wishing for more tech-based expertise, a large percent expect more active CEOs and COOs in their companies. A recent study by Harvard Business Review showed that anxious company leaders tend to avoid making riskier decisions, although they would lead to tangible gains for the company, on fear of losing their jobs. It is, therefore, a vicious circle - boards have higher demands, and the stress of meeting the expectations pushes them to perform less. Boards also want more women and minorities in the workplace.

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Editor's Remarks: Not only has Nintendo more than doubled its market cap in recent weeks, but its app is changing the social media, gaming and investing landscape. People are leaving their desks and chairs to go outside and play games with friends and strangers. A recent report by KPMG and CB Insights already indicate a decrease in deal activity for startups backed by venture capital frims. In the third quarter of last year, we saw 25 unicorns created but only seven in the past four months. It seems we need a new term: a unicorn starting from within an existing company? Or a phoenix rising from t

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Editor's Remarks: Michael Kors has finally seen a surge in interest from investors in the last week, after a period of lacklustre performance for the premium US apparel brand. Michael Kors, like Coach before it, underwent massive growth through diversifying outlets, from its own stores to larger department stores. Eventually, Michael Kors saw a drop in interest with many saying the company diluted its brand and lowered its coveted item status for its famous bags. With rising disposable income, investments in fashion have become increasingly attractive. However, with EY predicting spending to

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Editor’s remarks: Even before Turkey's shooting down a Russian fighter jet, terrorist attacks and an attempted military coup, Turkey has been suffering a steady decline in tourists since 2013. The country has been aiming to join the EU for some time and has used its key role in managing the flow of refugees from Syria and other nations in pushing its application forward. As tourism accounted for 12.9% of GDP in 2015, President Erdogan’s government must find alternative revenue sources to help plug the expanding hole. In the current context, he may be forced to change his tone from demanding

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Editor's Remarks: Launched in 2014 after years of hype, the Apple Watch began shipping last spring. Just months later, the accessory saw a surprising decline in sales. Despite securing endorsements from celebrities like Beyonce, Katy Perry and Pharrell and reducing the price, the company failed to significantly push the needle in terms of sales. Many claim the gadget has limited usability and feel the entire venture was a failure and there is a growing belief that Apple is losing its innovative touch of the iPod and iPhone years. With the wearables market is growing at a rapid pac


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