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Neoliberals of the World, Unite!

Those who predicted revolutionary socialist uprising after the financi...

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    EgyptAir Smoke Alarms Add Puzzling Twist To Fatal Flight

    EgyptAir Flight 804’s automatic radio messages about sme in the front portion of the cabin were generated minutes before controllers lost contact with the aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea, French accident investigator BEA reported.

    The electronic signals offer a puzzling twist to what may have happened to the flight, which went down on Thursday with 66 people aboard. The socalled black boxes, painted bright orange, store key flight metrics and sounds from the cockpit that could definitively detail what downed the plane.

  • 2

    US Companies’ Cash Pile Hits $1.7tn

    Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Cisco and Oracle are hoarding than half a trillion dollars, a record sum that underscores how cash has become increasingly concentrated in a handful of groups seeking to avoid a tax hit. It represents nearly a third of the total $1.7tn held on the balance sheets of US nonfinancial companies.

    US multinationals have left roughly $1.2tn of their earnings overseas to avoid the tax charge of moving profits back to US shores under the country’s complex tax code. The ever increasing amount of cash highlights how US companies are not investing in their businesses, choosing instead to increase dividends, in a sign of continued anxiety that economic activity could slow down globally.

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    Cameron Says UK’s Brexit Vote More Important Than Election

    UK Prime Minister David Cameron stated that the country’s referendum on leaving the European Union mattered than a general election, aiming to intensify voters’ focus on the June 23 vote as he also warned that a socalled Brexit would leave them worse off.

    The Treasure is planning to publish its analysis of the shortterm impact of an exit this week. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said earlier in the month that a vote to leave could spark a recession. The prime minister’s add to a plethora of personal economic arguments presented by the proEU camp in recent days. The “Leave” campaign has been questioning the accuracy of the government’s assessment.

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    Expectations Shoot Higher Over Federal Reserve Rate Rise

    More than 50% of economists expect the Federal Reserve to tighten monetary policy at one of its next two meetings. This in stark contrast to market views at the start of the month when concern over lacklustre global growth was expected to stop Fed from hiking rates until 2017.

    The brief but dramatic global selloff at the beginning of the year, linked in part to fears over an economic slowdown in China and the rout in commodity prices, has magnified the focus on Fed’s policy action. The market has been sceptical about a quick rate hike but it seems that Fed is not planning to wait around for too long.

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    Satellite Firm Inmarsat Faces FTSE 100 Relegation

    Satellite operator Inmarsat is facing relegation from the FTSE 100 next month after shares slumped 33% since the start of the year. Investors piled out of the stock earlier this month when the satellite firm issued a profit warning after suffering a torrid first quarter due a tough trading backdrop and depressed demand.

    The possibility of a demotion comes exactly a year after the company, who came to prominence when its systems helped identify possible crash sites for the missing Malaysia Airs flight MH370, was promoted to London’s benchmark index. Relegation often forces passive funds to sell a sizeable chunk of shares in the affected business, while getting into the FTSE 100 fuels demand for a company’s shares, as funds move to add that stock to their portfolio.

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