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Renzi Down, Markets Up

The Next Move For Italy

Why It Won’t Be A Surprise If The Government Loses Its Article 50 Appeal

Legal Discourse

Will This Dollar Irrationality Have An End?

Golden Opportunities

Is Goldman Sachs The Most Influential Company In The World?

Friends In High Places

Daily Snapshot: Headlines & Charts

Editor's Remarks: Despite election uncertainty, M&A activity in the US has broken records surpassing the high levels seen in 2015. But deals in the film and entertainment industry have seen the biggest boom, due to the acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T with a deal value $105.045bn. Further transactions include NBC Universal Media acquisition of DreamWorks, valued at $3.6bn, and Lionsgate Entertainment's acquisition of Starz for $3.2bn. Despite the political uncert...Read More

  1. Merkel To Ban The Full Veil

    Angela Merkel has told the Christian Democratic Union that she will ban the full veil if she is re-elected for a fourth... Read More

  2. 18-Month Deadline For Brexit Negotiations

    The UK will have a maximum of 18 months to decipher the terms of its departure from the European Union after triggering... Read More

  3. Tech Fights Terrorism

    Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and Google have announced that they will work together to remove content that is related to... Read More

  4. The Renzi Effect On Monte Dei Paschi

    Italy’s third largest bank, Monte Dei Paschi di Siena, is facing political and economic uncertainty following Renzi’... Read More

  5. Asset Management Goes Negative

    Moody’s downgraded the global asset management industry's rating to negative from stable.# Editor's Remarks: Earlie... Read More

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