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America Washington Post Expert Moves to a Blockchain Media Company

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The Washington Post’s chief of innovation has become the CEO of, a new media blockchain company.

Jarrod Dicker, who was the Post’s Vice President for Innovation and Commercial Strategy announced on Tuesday that his move to becoming the Chief Executive of, a blockchain which records and tracks content produced by its creators, was a “natural progression in my career”.

Founded in 2016, is the first and most evolved open-source publisher on blockchain. As a shared, open-source and universal ledger it is designed to track ownership of all digital creative assets across the global marketplace. Its chain-of-value technology means it can record actions and changes as well as the location of alteration for all its intellectual property, allowing writers and journalists to track the use of their content. constructs an “environment where creators are paid for what they can do instead of what is required of them by an old and broken paradigm”, Dicker said in a blog post published on Tuesday. It would put “the power of written, visual and audio content back in the hands of creators”.

Dicker, a prominent figure in the expanding world of digital journalism, was responsible for the research, experimentation and development (R.E.D) group at the Post. Before that, he was the head of product at Time.Inc and developed the native and social product unit at the HuffPost. He was also an executive at Rebelmouse, a content management system which houses websites like new-source Axios. His decision might indicate potential applications for blockchain technology in the media industry.

On Monday, the Belgian government announced it was in discussions with the blockchain developer the Vechain Foundation to forward it digital initiatives., which has an online community of 40,000 designers and creators, had a token sale on the 8th of August 2017. Its media infrastructure uses the bitcoin blockchain.

Photo Credit: Daniel X. O’Neil

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