July 29, 2016

Yahoo’s Fatal Flaws

   July 29, 2016

Yahoo’s Fatal Flaws


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Editor’s Remarks:

Many can recall the days when Yahoo and Google were in close competition. Yahoo, starting out as an internet directory, shifted its focus to competing with Google in 2002 after acquiring Inktomi, then Google’s biggest competitor and Overture. By 2007, upon completing both integrations, Google had already eclipsed Yahoo’s revenues and in 2009, new CEO Carole Bartz began to question what Yahoo’s purpose was. Yahoo’s acquisition strategy continues to boggle investors with what the actual mission was. Now Verizon will purchase the company for $4.8bn, after buying AOL for $4.4bn, to expand its web advertising. Yahoo bought numerous companies and offered many different services that were never truly integrated. At the end of the day, it is still viewed as a directory. When we want something, ‘we google it’, a fact Yahoo knows too well.

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