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The World’s Most Abundant Natural Gas Reserves

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Editor’s remarks:
While oil prices have been capturing the market’s attention for the last year, natural gas has gone comparatively unnoticed as it is still priced based on a reference to oil prices. This is starting to change with an increasing number of producers and rising production in the market, particularly from Russia producing at record numbers to Europe. Mild temperatures have led to Natural Gas prices falling this past week. Natural Gas was on the rise over the past year as a cheap source of energy, especially in the US. Over the past year, Investors were optimistic as inventories were low compared to the mammoth quantities seen in petroleum and production appeared to be falling. However, this is starting to change for the next few months. Alongside with Russian production, Iran’s sanctions have been lifted, their natural gas exports have continued to increase and could enable them to challenge their neighbourhood rival, Saudi Arabia in the energy markets. This would involve a significant shake-up in the industry, as they will unlikely reach a mutually beneficiary deal.

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