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Working in a Startup: Passion, Hard Work and a Shared Dream

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A lot has been said about our generation, the Millennials. A great deal of both good and bad things. That we’re entrepreneurial and creative; that we’re lazy and privileged.

In a way, they might all be a bit right, and a bit wrong.

Entrepreneurship has never seen a more extraordinary era. We are living in times shaped by the likes of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. The things they have created – and inspired all of us to do – are incredible. We are living in a time where people are keen to change the world, and will take action to do so. We have never before been so encouraged to dream big, and pursue that dream.

However, that dream almost always comes at a cost. The sine qua non being hard work. And hard work is probably one of the most subjective things one come across in the workplace. One of the main issues? People today prioritise passion over getting the task done.

See, there’s an issue with that. Passion is a fleeting concept. What you’re passionate today might mean nothing to you tomorrow. As you go through life, one thing becomes abundantly clear: how you feel today will absolutely not be how you feel in a year from now. It’s like a relationship: you always need to bring in new things, keep the fire going. That means that passion has to evolve and adapt. And the way that happens is by learning a lot of new things. All the time. Even things you hate.

Remember sitting in school and thinking to yourself ‘I’ll never need this’? While one might never end up making a living using that knowledge, I can promise you this: over the course of your lifetime, we will all stumble across all of the things we hated in school. And man, doesn’t it feel amazing to be in the know?

Having the discipline to perform tasks you hate pays off tenfold when those tasks teach you something you will need to build on your passion in the future.

See, one is never going to like their job until one is really good at it. And one will never get good at it until they push themselves way out of their comfort zone. That’s how people become great.

I’ve had a lot of amazing jobs, and some menial ones. I was lucky enough to be part of the team that started a national newspaper, but I also worked as a babysitter. And I can promise you both jobs came with challenges and incredible achievements.

One of the reasons I chose to work in a startup is exactly that: I want to always learn new things. I’m scared of the day that I believe I know enough. That day will mean that everything that makes me who I am is obsolete and I will have lost all chances to change the world. And changing the world is the dream I have – and we all do – at The Market Mogul.

Watch our video about working in a startup and have some fun with us. (Forgive me for my raspy voice, I had a bad cold).

And think about what greatness means to you. What your dream is. What tools you need to make it happen. And how you’re going to work to get them, and make your dream a reality.

And if media is something you are passionate about, perhaps join us.

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