August 26, 2016

Women’s Equality Day: US Company Ownership

   August 26, 2016

Women’s Equality Day: US Company Ownership


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Editor’s remarks:

This year’s Women’s Equality Day sees for the first time a female presidential candidate with a serious, and growing, likelihood of becoming the first female US President. It also sees the number of US firms owned by a woman more than double since 20 years ago. However, the fact that only $1.6trn of the US’s $18trn GDP arises from companies under female ownership and that only 3% of female-owned firms make over $500k, suggests anything close to equality. Several countries, such as the Bahamas, a US neighbour, have constitutional limitations on women’s rights, and recently voted to maintain those limitations. Today seems to demonstrate a remarkable level of growth and improvement. It also creates concern of how many places have not kept the pace and how much further there is to go for the world in general.

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