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The Mood of the Nation After the Windrush and Anti-Semitism Scandals

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windrush anti-semitism

A poll conducted by YouGov this week showed that after the local elections, the Tories might have opened up a five-point lead against the Labour Party. Both leading parties have been awash with scandal in recent months. Not only has the House of Lords flatly rejected the two parties’ suggestions of leaving the European customs union but both parties have also been awash with scandal. Labour’s top brass have been criticised for not tackling charges of rampant anti-semitism within their party, which somewhat explained their weaker-than-expected local election performance. For the Tories, there was the Windrush scandal, which involved British citizens from the Commonwealth mistakenly treated as illegal immigrants by the Home Office and led to Amber Rudd’s resignation. However, despite the issue raising questions about the present immigration system, the Tories (bar Rudd) have emerged from the episode largely unscathed. Perhaps this should not be surprising since the Tories have won three elections on the basis of bringing in tougher immigration rules.

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