April 7, 2017    4 minute read

Why We Built the Mogul100

From the Founder of The Market Mogul    April 7, 2017    4 minute read

Why We Built the Mogul100

Today is an exciting day for The Market Mogul: we’ve launched the Mogul100, a real-time ranking of our top 100 Authors. It’s taken months of brainstorming and development, and what we’ve built is an algorithm that truly represents what it means to be a great Mogul.

Our in-house algorithm updates the list in real time, based on three key elements which we think define what it is to be a thought leader in today’s digitised world: quality, virality and community.


Why do we build quality into what is, at the end of the day, a numbers-based system? Our editorial team review every article before it’s published, and have a keen eye for depth of insight. The unique insights and perspectives offered in the articles we publish are plain to see on any topic – whether it’s the German FinTech scene, bonds in Africa or Brexit – and quality insight and localised expertise from a global perspective is what The Market Mogul is all about.


In the digital ecosystem, the idea of ‘going viral’ is usually associated with memes and cat pictures – but we are trying to shift this paradigm by monitoring the virality of articles as part of the Mogul100 algorithm.

Of course, articles on finance, politics and the global economy won’t ever go viral in the same way as those gems of digital pop culture, but that’s fine. The same forces still get our authors’ voices out there: when their articles are shared among others in their professional fields, Twitterspheres and friendship groups, and pushed upwards on search engines by our in-house optimisation, this can quickly snowball into a smash hit, provoking discussion between people well outside their network.

We use state-of-the-art analytics to track who our articles reach, where they reach them and how they reach them. What’s more, we make this information available to each and every Author once they make it to their third article through our Article Stats feature, helping them play an active role in growing their global audience.


This active role brings me onto the importance of community in building the Mogul100. Being proactive is a big part of making onto the list, because we believe a healthy community is the key to keeping up fresh insight.

Writing a hit article is a sure-fire way to make it up the list, but it will play less of a role in the rankings as time moves on. Why? The world moves on, so the Mogul100 has to move with it. Rewarding authors who write regularly means that the insight offered on The Market Mogul covers what’s happening today, every day.

The Moguls

Being a Mogul is about more than just one article: it’s about being able to offer perspectives on more than one development or topic, and that’s why the Mogul100 puts people first.

This does more than just helping our authors to grow their own skills and audience: it helps the wider world recognise the voices of the future, too. The Mogul100 shines a light on thought leaders who might not otherwise get the chance to be recognised.

Traditional media rewards a select elite of professionals, a group which is often self-reinforcing. The Market Mogul gives a voice to professionals who don’t have the time or resources to write full-time, people in parts of the world whose voices aren’t given as much of a platform in the international media (or indeed other parts of each country – think of the London-centric media industry in the UK), young people who have something to say but don’t want to wait till slow-to-change industries recognise their talent – the list goes on.

Industry leaders and curious readers alike can now see the best of those voices. This is how the Mogul100 works to the mutual benefit of both Authors and the wider world: companies have a transparent tool to identify the stars of tomorrow, whilst anyone with an interest in business, finance, politics and the global economy has an even easier route to the best content on those topics.

Creating something that’s as simple as an algorithm and yet offers all this potential makes me and The Market Mogul team very proud, and we can’t wait to see where it leads.

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