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What’s Going on in the AltCoin World?

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While bitcoin’s price swings have continued to swamp mainstream headlines, savvy crypto investors have been making a killing in the crypto markets – and it’s not just Ripple’s XRP that has seen huge gains. Cardano, which launched last September features a layered blockchain, is set to soon rival Ethereum as it vies for the decentralised application market. So far, however, the only use of Cardano has been in Greece, where it is being used to verify students’ academic credentials. Elsewhere, the relatively unknown Tron jumped over 100% last Thursday and is now one of the top ten cryptocurrencies after its founder Justin Sun announced his company is set to partner with a well-known public company. NEM, a Japanese blockchain platform, has also piled on huge gains over the last week and now has a market cap of over $16bn. Given the popularity of cryptocurrency in Japan, famous for its excruciatingly low interest rates and high taxes, NEM’s price gains can probably be attributed to its domestic market.

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