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Weekly Debate: Mishaps Damaging The Company Brand

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Editor’s remarks:
Despite Tesla suffering an autopilot crash, the mysterious nature of self-driving cars has not diluted the awe behind the firm. Delta did suffer losses for its technical glitch but due to low ticket prices this year and consumers mostly choosing flights based on availability, it should not suffer for too long. However, Volkswagen and Samsung have both had a terrible 2016 for different reasons. Volkswagen makes continuous headlines for facing legal battle after battle, amounting to billions in fines and claims, including BlackRock joining the crowd this week. Volkswagen, and other manufacturers, has however made steps to recover, in particular, its trucking business. Samsung is easily the biggest loser whoever, after seeing the opportunity to finally make headway against Apple’s iPhone being taken away. Samsung’s latest model had better initial reviews versus the iPhone 7 but now it’s battery fault has led to $10bn being taken off its value. Samsung was also hoping the new phone could help it turn around two years of its profits declining. Samsung’s cash reserve will allow it to handle the crisis but the lead given to Apple may now mean Apple does not need to worry about Samsung itself but just competitors in general.

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