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Value of the Takeaway Delivery Market in Europe

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Editor’s Remarks:
This chart is not that surprising, given a curry is nowadays about as British as fish and chips is. However, it does point to some less trivial and more perturbing issues facing the UK. Although there is a worldwide trend of increasing obesity as occupations become office-based and food – particularly unhealthy food – becomes cheaper, the UK fares particularly badly among developed nations. The £6.1bn that Brits spent on takeaways last year evidently was not spent on salads. In fact, one in three primary schoolchildren are overweight or obese by the time they reach 11. As of 2014, 62% of adults in England were classified as at least overweigh and it is expected that by 2050 more than half the population will be obese. It is little wonder that the UK, often described as “the fat man of Europe”, has the biggest takeaway habit on the continent.

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