September 7, 2016

US Defence Contractors On The Up And Up

   September 7, 2016

US Defence Contractors On The Up And Up


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Editor’s remarks:

Russia’s increasingly active foreign politicking has led to more discussions around NATO’s efficacy and potential. However, Poland and Germany are both making assuring moves to ease the tension within NATO. Although it decided sometime last year, Poland has finally agreed after a review to purchase eight separate Patriot air missile defence systems from US defence company, Raytheon. Despite competition from other major defence contractors, Lockheed Martin and Thales, Raytheon had the backing of Washington in the bid which ultimately won the $5.6bn contract. Germany is also currently in discussions to purchase a system from Lockheed. The global defence industry is in a period of change with many releasing new missile defence systems which should see several new purchases in the coming year.

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