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Can an ‘Anti-American’ U.S. Presidential Candidate Appeal to 2020 Voters?

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During the tragic circumstances of the Sandy Hook school massacre in 2012, documentary filmmaker and socialist activist, Michael Moore, lambasted American politics in a ferocious Twitter rant. In one tweet, he argues that ‘a country that officially sanctions violence (invades Iraq, drones kill kids, death penalty) is surprised when a 20-year-old joins in’. Moore’s hateful rhetoric towards American political culture has garnered backlash across the nation and deemed him an infamous figure. Moore stands against the continuous world wars dominated by the US, the unequal insurance-based healthcare system, the racial profiling and fearmongering against immigrants, and the everlasting issue with an American’s right to bear a firearm. To others living outside the U.S. who watch from a distance, the socioeconomic and political divide that has intensified under the Trump era seems futile to even critique. With the Democratic Party under pressure to provide an alternative, and a socialist uprising forming, is it time that America completely changes its outlook on the future in time for 2020?

The Brexit referendum in 2016 was a haunting vision of what was to be expected across the pond just a few months after in the presidential election. The angry white male privilege overruled both results, with the stereotyping of immigrants and conspiracy theories surrounding terrorism becoming focal points. The world has become a bleak place, and two advanced and westernised countries have done little to squash any racist undertones.

What we did see in the American electorate, with 13 million votes, was the rise of the socialist image from Bernie Sanders. Sanders, likewise to Michael Moore, has attacked all America’s virtues on guns and race relations. Sanders has become a polarising figure by being a vociferous supporter of universal single-payer healthcare across the country and vowing to bring an end to the gun epidemic immediately. Sanders is a pacifist, who has continued to criticise President Bush’s War on Terror, and his country’s alignment with the warmongering nation of Israel. America was founded on being a gun-regulated state, with its basis being in the Second Amendment of the U.S Constitution. Furthermore, it’s a country that takes pride in its armed forces and the service from its military personnel. American presidents have generally always fought violence with violence, with the Middle East becoming a war-zone when the U.S announced an influx of troops to the region. Any politician and congressman who has attacked the American way has always been answered with vitriol in the past. Now, with the Trump administration becoming increasingly unpopular, the idea of a new U.S approach doesn’t seem so damaging. 

The popularity of Bernie Sanders and the negative reflection on Bush’s war, the alternatives to Trump in the 2020 election should provide a clear opposition. The recent Parkland shooting has seen gun laws finally being considered. The racial divide and profiling of immigrants have been getting heavy media coverage, riling up anti-Trump voters. The idea of catastrophising the future will never go away, but it is expected when the current president continues to incite hatred. In 2020, imagine an America with tight gun laws and a ban on assault weapons, decreasing gun violence existentially. Imagine a pacifist America, where the president meets with world leaders diplomatically without threatening nuclear annihilation. Imagine an America that is fair to all citizens, by reverting back to its foundations of multicultural and diverse society and providing healthcare to all who need it. America must leave the Clintons behind and introduce a fresh face that will eradicate the societal issues that have impacted the country for too long. 

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