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The UK’s Most Valuable Brands

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UK Valuable Brands

The 100 most valuable brands in the world boast a whopping $4.4trn dollars in brand value, according to BrandZ. Not surprisingly the first trillion is made up of only four companies, and most people’s intuition wouldn’t fail them if asked who Top 4 were: Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. The first UK company appears on place 37, and it is the telecom giant Vodafone. With its presence in over 26 countries, Vodafone’s brand is valued at $28.8bn dollars worldwide. HSBC – the master of jetway bridge adverts – only comes in as UK’s second. It is important to keep in mind the complexity of accounting for brand value. Ratings used to be based on surveys asking consumers how much they value one brand over another. Today, black-box algorithms are used to separate out the value of brand from other intangibles on a company’s balance sheet. As a result, it can be difficult to achieve consensus between different rankings. Furthermore, brand values can change rapidly, and many of the Top 100 have made it a priority to focus on maintaining high valuations by consumers around the world.

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