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How Imminent Is a Promising Labour Government?

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The yearning for change, and the idea of a hard-left government counteracting the far-right atrocities, has become increasingly appealing to many voters. The factions in the current Conservative government are illogical to leading effectively, particularly with Brexit stacked against them. The surge of support for Jeremy Corbyn and the popularity of Bernie Sanders in the U.S is evidence that socialism is on the rise. An estimated 52% voted in favour of solidarity in the country, compared to a mere 29% for individualism. Is the right-wing image of individualism coming to a fateful end, ready for a capable socialist government to flourish?

Increased Spending on Healthcare, Railways and Housing

The current domestic crises across the nation have left people seething with the government for not acting accordingly. The catastrophic epidemic in the NHS has seen many receive inadequate care, with cuts and underfunding meaning patients in hospitals have been dying. The NHS is a big concern for voters and is a popular institution that is a model to other nations who strive for universal healthcare. Corbyn constantly insists on pumping billions more into healthcare and lambasts Theresa May’s cabinet on unsatisfactory funding. Campaigning on behalf of the NHS is an inherently popular message, with a lot of voters swaying towards the Labour party on that issue alone.

Furthermore, Corbyn has campaigned vociferously for the renationalisation of certain industries. In a recent YouGov poll, 60% of voters backed rail networks returning to public ownership, with 59% also wanting the nationalisation of water companies. The government ownership of public transport is essential towards an eco-friendly future. Commuters and cross-country travellers try to avoid expensive ticket prices at all costs. To make public transport more appealing, reducing the cost and make travelling more efficient is a necessity.

The vital difference between a Conservative government and the socialist Labour Party is capitalism. The Conservatives thrive on a capitalist society, although it is has become more exploitative to the working-classes and poorer population. Last June, the inhumane and barbaric conditions of social housing was exposed during the shocking Grenfell fire disaster. In the most affluent district of the UK, Kensington, homes woere left empty by billionaires while ordinary working people were left homeless indefinitely. The cries for increased expenditure on social housing and mobility after the incident saw many blame May and her ministers for having a blasé relationship with the working-class.

Corbyn has continually been consistent on exposing the tax inequality to alleviate the appalling social injustice on the working-class population. A switch to a leftist government is more promising for voters, and Labour’s approval ratings remain above the Conservatives. The class war that dominated the 80’s under Thatcher still is prevalent today. With New Labour finished and neoliberalism now in the distant past, a socialist approach is the solution the nation needs in its quest for change. The Labour Party was founded on a democratic socialist core in 1900, with kudos to Keir Hardie. The idea of socialism was shelved under Tony Blair, but the mission to return the party to its working-class roots is fundamental in times of austerity.

Corbyn’s Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn recently unveiled a Brexit plan, whereas before he stayed enigmatic on the issue. The fear of upsetting voters is a huge concern for the opposition party, especially with the divisiveness of leaving the EU. Corbyn, a Eurosceptic himself, has promised a soft Brexit, and one where the UK will remain in the customs union after the transition period. Labour has support in the Brexit heartlands of the north, as well as the Remain constituencies around London. A soft Brexit is what’s best in keeping the balance for all voters.

Now, Tory jitters have grown, and their move towards a hard Brexit has been thrust into the spotlight once again. The surge of young voters backing Corbyn and staying in the EU was significant in his result in the last election. The over-65’s vote in large numbers for a Tory government. The young must not let the ageing population decide what happens. For a better way of life for all, the current government needs to step aside. With a promising Labour government waiting in the wings, just how soon can we expect change?


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