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Is Uber Right to Force Its CEO to Leave?

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Editor’s Remarks:
It’s clear that our readers are pleased with CEO Travis Kalanick’s decision to take an “indefinite leave” from Uber as the company’s public image continues to spiral downwards. Despite having 40 million active riders each month, Uber has still been unable to resolve its infamous culture issues. This week, news broke of billionaire businessman David Bonderman’s resignation from the board over further sexist comments – an announcement soon followed by word that the woman who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of an Uber driver has sued the company in response to evidence that those at the executive level misused her medical records after obtaining them illegally. While successful tech founders are known for remaining at their companies long after they’ve been publicly listed (think Alibaba, Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, etc.), this trend seems to be subsiding as startups continue to postpone their IPOs due to the ease of raising capital outside of public markets. Travis Kalanick’s departure might signal the fact that tech companies no longer need to be led by their founding members… now they need to focus on finding replacements.

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