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Unfair Media Treatment and Why Trump Deserves Another Chance

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There are two American presidencies being presented to audiences today: one by the White House mostly through the social media and the other by the mainstream media and the Democratic Party.

The major news channels give the impression that the current administration is the worst ever; a conflicted White House with deep ties to Russia, filled with incompetent people who are a danger to the United States. Some have even gone as far as to call the President of the US not only unfit to rule but also a traitor and a puppet of the Kremlin.

It does not help the situation that the US Congress has not been able to repeal and replace Obamacare and pass other major legislations that they had promised. The Republicans control the House and the Senate, but they seem unable to do much with their majority. They lack the cohesion and unity of the Democrats, who even in minority look like they are winning.

Media Complicity

Therefore, it has been easy for the media to transmit to the public the perception of an administration that is weak, feeble and barely standing. On the other hand, the President has used his Twitter account to directly speak with the American citizens. He constantly tweets about the new records set by the stock markets, low unemployment rate and an economy that is prospering from all sides.

In a context where there are two totally opposing views about the country that continuously clash, it is difficult to know what the truth is. Surely, there are a lot of passionate and heated arguments that many times, instead of helping cool things down, make them worse. True things are spoken by both sides, but there are also many absurdities.

However, all comes down to one simple fact: Donald Trump won the Presidency and many cannot accept it. Certain groups do not understand that it is not Mr. Trump that they are attacking, but the Office of the President itself. They have all the right to criticize him when he is wrong. But they have no right to tarnish the Office of the POTUS. The media has, if not created, at the very least incentivized a witch hunt directed at the President and his closest advisers. This has to stop. And they must make the first move.

Internal Squabbling

Nevertheless, it is true that there are signs that many high-level employees are at odds with each other. There are reports of factions within the West Wing. The leaks are coming from all sides with no real culprit in sight. The Russia debacle has to be resolved. And at this point, it is up to Congress and the DOJ to be more active and solve the matter.

On the other side, this administration has accomplished several things. The stock market is up, with the Dow Jones and S&P reaching high points several times. However, the President should be cautious when taking credit. If the markets were to tumble, the fault would also lie with him. And the markets will fall unless he makes good on his promises for tax reform. Moreover, he has reduced several regulations of the Obama-era, which has been a welcomed change for the economy. Consumer confidence is at a 16-year high. Illegal immigration is also down.

How Trump Can Win Back the Public

However, there are three issues which the President has to fix if he wants to help the US move even further and also get reelected in 2020.

Surely, tax reform is at the top of his to-do-list. As it happens, Congress has it as a priority as well. It is the perfect opportunity for both branches of Government to work together and provide a common plan that will reduce taxes and simplify the tax code. If Republicans at the Hill and in the White House agree on these two issues, then it does not make sense for them to fail in this matter.

Secondly, Obamacare has to be repealed and replaced. Otherwise, it would be a bloodbath for the GOP in the midterms. The three Republican Senators that voted no on repealing and replacing it will have to answer to their constituents. As will the entire party if another failure were to happen again. They know this and so does the President.


The problem is that as soon as the more moderate members are pleased, the more “radicals” raise their concerns and back out. Negotiations should continue and probably after the recess, there will be more progress. Especially with the 2018 elections fast approaching.

Thirdly, the President should get his house in order. After the replacement of the Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and the communications director Anthony Scaramucci, there is hope that the worst has passed. The new Chief of Staff, General Kelly, as an experienced military man, is expected to bring order and restore a chain of command in the White House. Hopefully, the leaks will stop. There should be one coherent message coming from the President and his advisors, and it should come loud and clear.


In order to accomplish these three things, the President needs a do-over. He should ask the American people for a second chance, a second “100 Days”, with these three reforms at the top. If he manages to accomplish these three things, it is certain his Presidency will reach new highs and the American people will be better off.

Otherwise, everybody should expect the telenovela of the two Presidencies to continue, with no clear victor and everybody as a loser.

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