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Trump Hits Back at Media Following Kushner Allegations

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After reports that Jared Kushner is under an FBI investigation, President Trump hints that the reported White House leaks are “fake news”.#

Editor’s Remarks: Trump managed to sidestep an impending crisis over security leaks by heading off on his first overseas visit. Now he finds himself in the midst of yet further domestic controversies. This time, the FBI is investigating Trump’s son-in-law and special advisor Jared Kushner’s links with Russia during his election campaign. The FBI is focusing its sight on Kushner’s “back channelling” to communicate with Kremlin officials, which involves setting up conversations outside regular diplomatic channels – a practice defended by security advisor General McMaster as a regular one. However, Trump took things a step further and intimated – via Twitter, of course – that the allegations were

“fabricated lies made up by the FakeNews media”.

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