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Top Tech Companies’ Revenue Growth in Q4

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Editor’s Remarks:
Now that fourth quarter earnings reports have come in for the major tech companies, it’s clear to see that Facebook still leads the pack with over 50% growth in its year-on-year revenue. The huge disparity is not all down to success or failure in corporate strategies: the enormous size that some of the biggest tech giants have reached makes it difficult to keep momentum, such that Microsoft and Apple see it as an achievement just to hit single-digit growth. Facebook is certainly doing something right, though, with profit tripling to $2.06bn in Q4 and shares up 400% over the last five years. It is far from a newcomer, though, and is comfortably beating social media rivals like Twitter (which barely scraped 1% in the latest figures). This is arguably due to its successful monetising strategy: ad revenue across its platform came to $9bn in Q4, up from around $1bn five years earlier.

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