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The Rise Of The Player And Their Prices

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Editor’s remarks:

Much was made last weekend, when the Premier League started, of how much companies like Sky and BT invested in its success. Today, the world’s most expensive player will probably play for his new club, in the Premier League. Although it is questionable Paul Pogba is worth his fee in terms of his talents now or in the future, many on the business side of sport were impressed by the massive social media campaign Manchester United embarked upon with the announcement. From a rap video created with the help of sponsors and a catchy hashtag, the marketing value of Pogba’s persona is clear and easy to connect with. The “value” a player’s celebrity is more important than ever. With the exception of Coca-cola, the San Antonio Spurs and a few others, people still connect more easily to a brand with a face, even in our technological era.

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