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Skype Dropped Skype Dropped


Skype Dropped from Chinese App Stores

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Skype dropped from several app stores in China this week, as the calling and messaging service ran into regulatory trouble. Microsoft said the situation was only temporary, and that they were working to get the app back on Chinese app stores.

Multiple sources confirm the app is currently unavailable for both Android and Apple devices.

What Caused Skype’s Removal?

Apple says the Ministry of Public Security informed them the app did not comply with local law and that the third party app store operator had to remove Skype. Local law demands that accounts be affiliated with the real identifications of their users, something Skype does not ask for.

The Skype app, when downloaded outside China, provides a means of relatively secure communication. Skype’s encryption options meant users could have discussions outside the purview of state security. It is believed this feature caused the app to be removed.

Joining The Club

Skype has now joined China’s blacklist of Western companies whose internet platforms are banned, including Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

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