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Richest People in America

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Editor’s Remarks:
A list of the richest people in the US naturally includes some of the wealthiest people in the world as a whole, with Bill Gates’ time spent at the top of the global rich list totaling almost 20 years since 1995 and even more when stacked up against his compatriots only. Most of America’s wealthiest are at the helm of some of its biggest companies, though sometimes it’s enough to simply to accrue wealth and hold onto it. Gates, for example, still tops the list despite having retreated from full-time work at Microsoft to focus on philanthropy with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Meanwhile, his close friend Warren Buffett hasn’t managed to beat him back to pole position since ceding it to Gates in 2009 by donating several billions of dollars to charity – despite retaining an active role in Berkshire Hathaway as its chairman and largest shareholder at the ripe age of 86. Similar comparisons could be drawn between the Walton siblings who, despite having had important roles in Walmart’s rise to retail gianthood, inherited its ownership from their father Sam in 1992, and casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, the son of low-income immigrants who started his first business aged 12 with a $200 loan from his uncle. (edited)

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