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Red Pulse (RPX) Announces Partnership with Neon Exchange (NEX)

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The research ecosystem Red Pulse (RPX) has formed a partnership with the payment platform, NEON Exchange (NEX).

Announced on Red Pulse’s Twitter account at 9.57 am (GMT+8) on Thursday, the agreement will see NEX develop decentralised fiat gateways, which will enable quick and easy fiat-to-crypto conversion rates for users of Red Pulse.

The provided integrators will allow for seamless purchasing of RPX using conventional payment methods, such as debit or credit cards, and quick depositing into users bank accounts. The RPX partnership marks the first NEP5 decentralised app on NEX.

In a statement, Red Pulse said:

“This helps our clients using our Red Pulse platform, given that many of our existing and future users, such as finance professionals and industry experts, may not be familiar with cryptocurrencies and face a steep learning curve and slow adoption rate when dealing with cryptocurrency secondary markets.”

NEP5 is a token that runs on the NEO blockchain: it describes the standard set of rules to which these tokens are built to conform to.

Red Pulse is a tokenised research ecosystem for potential investors interested in the Chinese economy and capital markets. Red Pulse’s cryptocurrency, RPX, facilitates transparent transactions for its research sharing platform.

Launched in 2015, the company is currently developing a machine learning-based engine which will connect Chinese industry experts to interested institutions and investors to gain the relevant knowledge.

According to their website, NEX combines the NEO blockchain with an off-chain matching engine which enables fast and complex trades through decentralised exchanges. It enables its payment services to provide smart contracts on the NEO blockchain to send and receive global assets.

RPX tokens were put on presale on the 15th of August 2017, with the crowd sale on the 8th of October. Exchange trading began on the 28th of October.

ON Thursday RPX increased 18% from $0.13 to a trading price at 10:30 (GMT) of $0.17. At present, only 40% of RPX’s total supply is in circulation. During the December stampede, RPX tokens traded at a record high of $0.77.

In December, NEO was valued at $51, it is now trading at just under $115. On Monday, the PRC blocked all access to cryptocurrency or ICO related websites on platforms based abroad in an attempt to completely quash the cryptocurrency market.

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