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Reasons for Investing in Marketing Technology

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Editor’s Remarks:
Marketing technology, or MarTech, might lack the pizzazz of FinTech but it is nevertheless reshaping the industry. Due to the rise of social media in the last decade or so, marketing is an increasingly competitive, necessary and accessible business function. As such, companies around the globe are turning to technology to meet the demands of launching initiatives that drive sales growth. As shown by the graph, MarTech is used by most companies to better understand their customers and likelihood of making sales. Furthermore, in line with the growth of social media as an advertising platform, companies are investing in software to schedule content and uploads to remove the need for a person to actively manage an account. An estimated three to five billion people, largely from Africa, India and China are set to come online in the next few years, meaning that MarTech will be increasingly utilised as e-commerce companies vie for new customers.

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