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US Gun Violence: Its Causes

7 min Stephen Bitsoli

US Tax Reform: An Analysis

8 min Neil Winward
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US Political Discord: How It Plays into the Hands of China’s Government

Vernita Tertullien    6 min

The Cost of Indecisiveness: The US Hospital Industry Struggles in Uncertain Times

Shane Wright    4 min
  • Luca Ghiselli    7 minute read

    Tax Competition or Tax War?

    Competition and Cooperation
  • Ian Simon    5 minute read

    Should Corporation Tax Leave the Building?

    Out with the Old?
  • Liam Barrett    3 minute read

    Journalism in the US: The Importance of Unity and Free Speech

    Voicing Opinion
  • Pascal vander Straeten    7 minute read

    The Connection Between Geopolitics And Financial Markets: Not Always Hazardous

    Interconnected World
  • Maitanki Sutharson    4 minute read

    The Global Rise of Nationalism

    A New Era?
  • David R. Warwick    6 minute read

    The US: Can It Become Cashless?

    Saying Farewell?
  • Mukul Gupta    4 minute read

    GDPR: Will This Trigger the Meltdown of “Data Oil”?

    Tech Crackdown
  • Neil Winward    5 minute read

    US Taxation Reform: Four Trillion Reasons Why

    The Bigger Picture

Why Latin American Socialism Isn’t Over Just Yet: Ecuador’s Example

The Last Bastion
George Mallett 6 min

The UN: An Organization in Desperate Need of Reform?

Future Upheaval?
Nikola Kedhi 10 min

High Consumer Credit: A Result of Bank of England Policies?

5 min William Fisher

Greek Debt: The Uncertain Road Ahead

7 min Pascal vander Straeten
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‘A Terrible Beauty is Born’: The Catalan Crisis and the Road Ahead

Jake Elson    6 min

Franco, Football and Tax: What Drives Catalan Independence?

Anthony Schindler    6 min
  • John Theodore    5 minute read

    The EU and Taxation of the Multinational Corporations: The Relationship

    Halting Tax Avoidance
  • Annelieke Mooij    5 minute read

    Catalan Independence: The Legality Surrounding It

    National Separation?
  • Victor Chukwuemeka    4 minute read

    The Importance of Investment for UK Businesses Post-Brexit

    Maintaining Growth
  • Liam Barrett    4 minute read

    Theresa May: Will the PM Ever Step Aside for a Successful Grassroots Movement?

    A New Approach?
  • Pascal vander Straeten    7 minute read

    European Regionalism: Does It Have a Future?

    Future Subdivisions?
  • Preslav Raykov    7 minute read

    The Norwegian Model Has a Hidden Secret

    Black Gold
  • Anthony Schindler    5 minute read

    London’s Uber Ban: A Blessing in Disguise for Uber’s New CEO?

    The Contrarian View
  • Jai Khemani    4 minute read

    The Swedish Economy: More Myth than Reality?

    Behind the Curtain

In a Democracy, Who Decides on Morality?

The State vs the Electorate
Annelieke Mooij 6 min

London’s Uber Ruling: A Wake-up Call?

The End?
Chloe Burles 4 min

Regionalism: Cementing Its Place in Modern Geopolitics

5 min Tristan Mann

Singapore: How It is Adjusting to Northern Maritime Markets

4 min Tadek Baran
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Population Growth and Fertilizers: The Connection

Dua Yen    3 min

China and Africa: A Blossoming Relationship in the Future?

Pascal vander Straeten    7 min
  • Mohammed Choudhury    4 minute read

    Bangladesh: A Sinking Country with a Growing Economy

    The Road Ahead
  • James M. Dorsey    6 minute read

    Women’s Driving: Saudi Ultra-Conservatives Lick Their Wounds

    Currents of Change
  • James M. Dorsey    6 minute read

    Women’s Driving in Saudi Arabia: Saudi Prince Mohammed’s Litmus Test

    Gradual Liberalization?
  • James M. Dorsey    6 minute read

    The Growing Religious Tension in Malaysia

    Growing Divide
  • Snezana Sokolovska    6 minute read

    China: Could It Introduce a Digital Sovereign Currency?

    Expanding Cryptosphere
  • Tiaan Coetzee    8 minute read

    South Africa: The Future Political Landscape

    Turbulent Politics
  • James M. Dorsey    6 minute read

    Testing the Waters: Saudi Women Get One-time Access to a Stadium

    Testing the Waters
  • Oliver Yorke    4 minute read

    The Baltic Borders: Could Russia Invade?

    A Serious Threat?

Is Trade the Solution to the North Korea Problem?

Ending Conflict
Tom Gray 6 min

The Snow Dragon: China in the Arctic

Frosty Affairs
Tadek Baran 4 min

To Deal or Not to Deal: Brexit Questions Facing the UK

7 min Ian Simon

Brexit: Deal or No Deal, the UK Must Leave to Make a Success of It

4 min Tom Gray
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The Importance of SACCOs in Kenya

Josh Hardoon    3 min

A Brief Look at Basic Income and Automation

Guy Ettlin    3 min
  • Tom Gray    4 minute read

    The UK Labour Party’s Idea of Nationalisation: Ideology Over Quality

    Lacking Substance
  • Victor Chukwuemeka    5 minute read

    Brexit: What Private Banks Must Take Into Account

    Ensuring Advancement
  • Levin Lalan    12 minute read

    Drug Legalisation in Britain: What Could It Look Like?

    Mass Reform?
  • Akshay Ruparelia    4 minute read

    The Uber Decision: Has London Refused Technological Greatness?

    Traditional vs New
  • Vishal Wilde    4 minute read

    Is CPI Masking Global Credit Bubbles?

    Behind the Curtain
  • Ashwin Mehta    3 minute read

    Uber and Out? The Future of Uber in London

    Divided Opinions
  • Oliver Yorke    6 minute read

    The Catalan Referendum: Has Spain Gone too far?

    Rising Tensions
  • Neil Winward    4 minute read

    How US Tax Policy Funds the US Debt Burden

    Navigating the Maze

Exploring Brazil’s Emerging Political Left

Uncertain Future
George Mallett 5 min

German Elections: The Rise of the Right-wing in Germany

Changing Political Landscape
Akash Bajwa 5 min
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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Our readers’ views more or less reflect the mood in the UK at the moment. Theresa May is now forming a minority government, as opposed to the strong majority that she had hoped to win and many had come to expect. As such, her hand will be severely weakened in the upcoming Brexit negotiations. In contrast to last year’s Brexit referendum, 72% of 18-24 year-olds turned up to vote and they are presumed to have overwhelmingly voted for Jeremy Corbyn. Strangely, many of these voters will have voted Labour to oppose the Conservatives’ hard Brexit agenda des

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election to strengthen her hand ahead of the Brexit negotiations has almost totally backfired. Instead of winning by a predicted landslide - an eventuality our readers appear to also have expected - the Tories are almost certain to lose their overall majority in the House of Commons with what is likely to become a hung parliament. Amidst uncertainty, the pound fell by 1.5% against the dollar and 1% against the euro. In reality, the prospect of Corbyn as Prime Minister is slim. Despite their lost seats, the Tories

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Today the British electorate heads off to the ballot box for a third time in as many years. This time around, voters are being asked to determine who should lead the country through the very tough Brexit negotiations set to begin in just 12 days time. When Theresa May unexpectedly called the snap election back in April, the Conservative Party was riding high in the polls and there was a strong expectation that her government would be returned with a working majority greater than the 17 seats she had in the last parliament. Confidence in this prediction

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Looking at the difference between the number of votes received by the two candidates in France’s presidential race, Emmanuel Macron clearly came out well on top of Marine Le Pen - but this is only part of the story. Of the 48 million registered voters in France, only 44% picked Macron to Le Pen’s 22%. Turnout is never 100%, of course, but this election saw one of the lowest rates since the 90s, with 12.1 million not voting. A more deafening silence came from the 4.1 million who posted a blank or spoiled ballot. Who are these 16 million disaffected? Abou

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: For the first time in the Fifth Republic’s 59-year history, France must choose between candidates from outside the mainstream Socialist and Republican parties (though Marine Le Pen has built on years of steady growth in the far-right National Front’s support, and Emmanuel Macron came out of Francois Hollande’s Socialist government and a classic career path through France’s political class). Several major polls put centrist Macron comfortably ahead of his rival, ranging from a 21% lead to a 30% lead depending on the poll. Europe’s financial marke

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to call an early general election came as a surprise to many, sending markets and pundits scrambling, but her party has little to be shocked about if current polling is anything to go by. An average of the most recent polls from YouGov, ICM, Opinium and Ipsos MORI puts the Conservatives 15% clear of their Labour opposition, with most-cited YouGov putting this lead at 21%. The reasons are many. In particular, May is happy to capitalise on the Labour Party’s weakness - but with the opposition posed by its unpopular

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Of all the administrations in American history, Donald Trump’s is thought to top the list when it comes to wealth. The ten richest people in Team Trump command assets worth almost $2.1bn between them - and that’s according to just the lower bounds of the range of estimates given for each official by financial disclosure filings, meaning the real number could be a lot more. President Trump’s wealth dwarfs even their combined assets, though, with an estimated net worth of $3.5bn, as well as that of the second-richest US President after him, John F Kenne

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Public opinion of Donald Trump has hit a new low, with just 37% of Americans surveyed approving of the job he’s doing as President. Past presidents have seen worse, though never this soon into their term: Bill Clinton, for example, had sunk to 37% by June, whereas Trump’s rating is the worst of any president in recorded history at this point into their first term. Though President Trump was creeping back to a neutral opinion in the public, the last couple of weeks has seen a major double blow. On the one hand, his bill to replace Obamacare has become mi

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: The race for the French Presidency has narrowed according to the latest polls which put Front National (FN) leader Marine Le Pen in a strengthened position going into the first round of voting. If right-wing Le Pen makes it through to the run-off, as part of France's two-staged presidential electoral system, she would likely be decisively defeated by either centre-left independent Emmanuel Macron conservative François Fillon, according to polls which have them 16% and 12% clear respectively in that scenario. However, her increase from a 27% deficit against

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: A new survey of the UK’s Members of Parliament shows just how divided they were going into last night's crucial vote to formally initiate Brexit. Britain’s Supreme Court decided that Theresa May would need approval from MPs before notifying the EU of the start of withdrawal negotiations, which she has now been granted by 498 votes to 114. This particular chart shows that most MPs who voted for Brexit in the referendum value the repatriation of borders over retaining single market access, whilst Remain-voting MPs are rather divided on the issue. The numb

  • Euan Austin    10 minute read

    The Belt and Road: Can It Incorporate FinTech?

    Developing Technology
  • Neil Winward    5 minute read

    The Carried Interest Loophole: How the US Plans to Remove It

    Tax Reforms
  • James M. Dorsey    8 minute read

    The Middle East: Why Signs of Hope Are Little More Than Mirages

    Never-ending Conflict
  • Saul Mendelsohn    7 minute read

    Is Monetary Policy in the Eurozone Too Loose?

    Economic Rejuvenation
  • Stephen Bitsoli    6 minute read

    Assessing the Boom in US Substance Abuse Rehab Facilities

    Enhancing Treatment
  • Oliver Yorke    5 minute read

    Paraguay’s Agriculture: Just How Much is at Risk?

    Uncertain Harvest
  • Anthony Schindler    6 minute read

    Vladimir Putin: A Sensible Man in the New Era of Realpolitik?

    The Next Phase
  • James M. Dorsey    6 minute read

    Tackling the Elephant in the Room: the Inseparable Relationship Between Sports and Politics

    Political Games

Infrastructure in Texas: Its Current State

Faltering Industry
Henry Teitelbaum

What Will the German Election Mean for Markets?

Are You Experienced?
Ryan Shea 8 min

How Jihadist Support for Myanmar’s Rohingya Puts Pakistan and China on the Spot

Growing Unease
James M. Dorsey

Argentina: The Pressure Rises for President Macri

Election Tension
Oliver Yorke 4 min

Myanmar’s Rohingya: Militant Islam’s Next Rallying Call?

Next Target?
James M. Dorsey

The North Korea Crisis: Why We Need a History Lesson to Understand Kim Jong-un

A Three-way Stand-off
Anthony Schindler

Brexit: Uncovering the UK Government’s Strategy

Complicated Divorce
Gabriel Moos 6 min

Why the Iranian-Syrian World Cup Qualifier Ripples Far Beyond the Pitch

More Than Just a Game
James M. Dorsey

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