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Opinion On Italexit

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Editor’s remarks:

Brussels is not popular with Italians following the unprecedented number of migrants arriving in Italy, coupled with the Commission’s inability to act during the country’s financial crisis, and a sense of resentment is beginning to foster. This has led to the rise of the far right wing movement and calls for change; which have thus led to the constitutional referendum later this year. Members of the British Leave campaign also used the threat of an Itaxit to suggest that Britain should be first in the movement to depart the European Union. However, a recent poll showed that just 12.4% were in favour of a Brexit style referendum in Italy. There has been a rise in the Eurosceptic Five Star Movement party which now has 30.6% of the vote. However, their presence suggests that the EU has become a scapegoat and cannot be blamed for all of Italy’s problems. In reality, they are fully committed to Italy’s EU membership. No doubt Brexit will spark intense debate in Italy surrounding the supranational membership that has let them down too often. But what is clear is that Italians, ultimately, see themselves as Europeans, committed for the long haul.

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