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OmiseGo Wallet Has Just Become Available to the Public

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The OmiseGo wallet has just been released. Announced today, its eWallet is now open source, operational and available to the public.

In a blog post on Tuesday, OmiseGo’s Product lead, Jeremy Lam said that the repositories for its eWallet were now availble to use, as well as the developer’s server and mobile software development kit (SDK).

OmiseGo’s ‘universal’ eWallet platform offers users the opportunity to formulate their own medium for value exchange, such as in USD, ETH or in OMG, the developer’s own blockchain token. Today’s breakthrough is the first step in creating a network where users can create their own ‘white label’ wallet as well as creating wallets which can facilitate dual-currency transactions, so that the payer can send money in one currency, like BTC, and the payee can receive another, such as USD.

Although the OmiseGo wallet is ready to use, the company has warned that it is still in beta development and as such told users to “use at your own risk” and to expect sudden changes or crashes. Similarly, there is as yet, no blockchain support nor decentralisation but Lam says that “the first steps” can be expected “later this year”.

OmiseGo is not the only blockchain developer to be dabbling with SDKs. Last week the German-based Lisk announced at its rebranding event that it had made a “technological breakthrough” with its development of Lisk Core 1.0, which will form the basis of sidechain developments that stem off the Lisk mainchain. The company’s CEO, Max Kordek has also launched a fund out of his personal assets to give financial support for the development of Lisk sidechain projects.

The value of OmiseGo (OMG) tokens reached a more than one month high on Tuesday as prices climbed above the $20 mark, making it the best performing cryptocurrency that is based in Asia. The coin’s trading volume experienced a 208% surge between Monday and Tuesday and is currently at $152m.

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