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Number Of Episodes Before Netflix Gets You Hooked

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Editor’s remarks:

Netflix has conducted a survey from across 16 countries to analyse how many episodes it takes to get you ‘hooked’. The data reveals that 70% of viewers finish the entire box set if they reach a particular episode, for House of Cards, it is only three. The data also highlighted country comparisons; viewers from Australia and New Zealand typically tended to require watching one more episode than others, but the Dutch consumers were most easily captivated. While his does not reveal much about the overall viewership of the online streamer, what it does display is that Netflix knows its market. Netflix currently has 83 million members that span over 190 countries. Smaller, regional market players are attempting to break in, using local content; they have nothing like the sheer volume of data, customer base and industry stronghold to make any lasting impression. Netflix recently began producing 80% of its content in Polish in an attempt to squeeze its local competitor, Liberty, out of the market. The data suggests that we should see increasing market consolidation by Netflix, which, in turn, will open countries up to further Westernisation, potentially encroaching on local cultures in a reflection of globalisation.

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