Number Of Bitcoin ATMs By Country

Number Of Bitcoin ATMs By Country


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Editor’s Remarks:
Bitcoin, the virtual currency that first appeared in 2008, has come a long way since its origins as a novelty of interest mostly to curious tech fanatics: it is now the largest cryptocurrency in terms of total market value, and is becoming increasingly normalised as a means of payment. ‘ATMs’ have been established – mostly in technologically advanced countries – as the need for bitcoins shifts further from obscure and sometimes clandestine exchanges on the deep web, onto the high street. These are not cash machines in the traditional sense, connecting the user to a Bitcoin exchange rather than a bank account, and renders the currency in terms of paper or online receipts. It should come as little surprise that the majority of these ATMs are installed in technologically advanced countries, where internet culture drives interest and the state is less inclined to interfere in what is, after all, competition for its central banking system.

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