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Nordstrom Share Price

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Editor’s Remarks
Since Donald Trump criticised Nordstrom last week after its decision to cut Ivanka Trump’s fashion label from its retail operations, the luxury department store chain has seen share performance defiant of the slump companies typically see after a hit from one of the President’s Twitter blasts. Nordstrom shares hit a one-month low after they made the cut, blaming it on poor sales. But since the President’s tweet – which would have been sent 20 minutes into his daily intelligence briefing, according to White House scheduling – Nordstrom’s share price climbed to its highest point in a month as Trump retweeted the comment using the @POTUS account, threats of boycotts came from both Trump and anti-Trump supporters, anti-Trump celebrities publicised Nordstrom shopping sprees, and White House adviser Kellyanne Conway told listeners in an interview to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff”.

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